If you’re on the fence about homeschooling, the first thing you worry about is curriculum. And then, it seems,  you write an email to me. Because I get two or three emails every day from people who ask me how I deal with curriculum.

To these people I sound like a crazy person telling them I don’t teach my kids curriculum. I point them to posts:

You don’t need to teach math

You don’t need to teach reading

You don’t need to teach chemistry

You don’t need to teach grammar

You don’t need to do the pre-college curricula to get into college

The research to support these ideas is endless. But it’s hard to convince people that their kids will be fine. So I’m happy to announce that Sparks & Honey, a New York City-based firm of futurists, predicts that one of the top-ten new jobs people will have in 2025 will be unschooling counselor.

Sparks & Honey CEO Terry Young says, “The concept of education as a four-year box-ticking exercise will be over. The future will be more diverse. People will plug in a year of education here and there, a month now and again, and un-schooling counselors will guide them the whole way. We’re seeing the evolution of the traditional counselor to someone who can hack your life together so it’s unique.”

That unschooling will be mainstream in college years by 2025 is especially significant because unschooling travels up, not down. Which is to say that parents are most comfortable with it for early grades, where research is clear that kids—especially boysshould be running around playing, not sitting still trying to learn math and social studies.

But as kids get older, parents push the kids toward a more traditional curricula. Parents are more scared to take risks with their kid’s education as the kids get closer and closer to college.

So if unschooling is mainstream in college by 2025, that means that unschooling for primary grades will be mainstream by 2020. Or earlier. And I’m actually really looking forward to being mainstream. I get tired of being a revolutionary. And when unschooling is mainstream, everyone will see I was right.