June, 2019

What happened when my son went to middle school

May, 2019

We’ve officially entered the era of Generation Z

April, 2019

You’ll never guess the skills your kids will need for work

Stop asking me questions about homeschooling that you’d never ask about school.

How to do 1st grade – 7th grade in one month

March, 2019

What professions are we preparing our kids to enter?

February, 2019

Letting kids fail means also letting them be irrelevant

Pick the best teachers instead of the best curricula

Search is a skill kids develop on their own

January, 2019

When homeschooling is like playing pinball. And you are the ball.

Lesson plan: how to suck it up and go

How much do elitists spend homeschooling?

Schools group kids by age, but scientists have a better idea.

Why are high schoolers still learning Cold War math?

December, 2018

Behind every high-achieving kid is a super-involved parent

The best part about applying to college is essay

High school football is a model for parent activists

3 Things I’m on the fence about teaching

October, 2018

What happens when you don’t teach math

September, 2018

Summer programs that cement a high-schooler’s rich-kid status

The Kavanaugh Protests: I wish I had somewhere to walk out of

We don’t have a teacher pay crisis – it’s a competence crisis

The foreign language requirement in US schools is stupid

Here are some ways a school teacher could improve my life

August, 2018

How to teach AP history to a homeschooler

Go see the movie Eighth Grade. It will blow your mind.

The American Academy of Pediatrics are treacherous sellouts

Schools spend a lot of time teaching kids to be politically correct

Moneyballing Homeschool

Unschooling does not mean unstructured

Before you harp on weakness, show your kids their strength

Where is the line between self-directed learning and self-sabotage?

The lamest homeschoolers who won’t shut up

Are you a native homeschooler or an immigrant?

July, 2018

Homeschooling pep talk – to myself

Tell your kids the truth about achievement before it’s too late

7 Types of homeschooling parents I hate

Is it important to show your work?

Homeschooling vs unschooling – the real difference

11 Podcasts your kids should be listening to

3 Types of questions people ask homeschoolers, and how to answer them

Drunk advice from your school’s headmaster

June, 2018

You can control whether staying home with kids is boring. Here’s how…

The startup world is dead: Stay-at-home parenting is the new bleeding edge

Age-appropriate sex ed is not about age

May, 2018

Do you have a physiologically gifted child?

Dear Princeton University, I love you

AP Tests are a racket but my son took them anyway

My favorite day of homeschooling

How much should I spend on tutors?

February, 2018

What’s your kid’s learning preference? Probably one you hate.

Failures in homeschool curriculum development

January, 2018

What will replace video when it becomes old-fashioned?

December, 2017

Homeschool progression: first you question your judgment, then you defend it

November, 2017

Self-directed learning in teens is about focus

October, 2017

How to support a family while you homeschool

What unlimited video games looks like for teens

July, 2017

Parent routine is a part of homeschool success

June, 2017

What it’s like to homeschool teenagers

Guest post: We lost our homeschooling network in the move

Is there a template for that? And other homeschooling questions.

May, 2017

Public school is NOT necessary in a democracy

We present school as a race so adults can feel like winners. But it’s hurting the kids.

When do we stop learning through play?

Teaching to the test

How to get an idea for a business while you homeschool

Best Mother’s Day gift for a homeschooling mom

The essential support system for a homeschool parent

April, 2017

Technology trends that should shape education

How to approach college from an alternative perspective

How to homeschool and work at the same time

How I talk to friends about why I homeschool

Why I’m sending my younger kids to school

Are my kids learning enough?

For girls, school really is a race to the finish

March, 2017

Being a good reader is overrated

There’s not just one way to homeschool

How can we homeschool if my son puts no effort into school?

Homeschooling means facing uncertainty

February, 2017

What is computer literacy in today’s world?

How to face a decision when all the choices are bad

Architechture curriculum for homeschoolers

December, 2016

I moved to Swarthmore, PA

October, 2016

What should kids do in college? What matters?

It’s not that homeschooling is killing me. It’s my own insanely high standards that are killing me.

Refreshing honesty in education reform

Get early help for Asperger’s, because school doesn’t teach nuance

September, 2016

Use homeschooling to switch to a rich-kid mindset

Moms do most of the homeschooling because duh

A new way to understand why people don’t understand you

Packaging your homeschooler for college admissions

Don’t teach kids to do what they don’t want to do

The next civil rights frontier is children

Does homeschooling make me look fat?

The best productivity advice you never hear

3 Signs of incompetence in education journalism

What girls need most: Time with their mom

How I came to terms with my husband’s income

August, 2016

Finally! Self-published books that rock

Secrets of superfamilies: Very few rules

Kids should learn with headphones on

I’m homeschooling for selfish reasons

When reading comes to an unschooler

Corporate training is a great model for homeschooling

Anger gets a bad rap – it’s a good tool

How tall will my child be?

You don’t need to teach kids a second language

Does self-directed learning lead to bad choices?

Pokemon GO vs School

July, 2016

What would my life be like if I didn’t homeschool?

Why do I have two blogs? I ask myself every day.

I started homeschooling right before it was too late

Sex ed curricula for homeschoolers

The best careers for kids will emerge from widespread automation

June, 2016

Three ways you give your kids outdated advice

Self-directed learning often means self-directed buying

Every language arts lesson in just one day (from a rape case at Stanford)

Teach passion by modeling passion

May, 2016

The safest path to adulthood is finding a passion

How to make a homeschooler’s transcript

Your American Dream is crushing your kids

What it’s like to homeschool an 11th grader

How homeschooling fits in the historical narrative of childhood

How to make your kid a specialist

Do your kids need the benefits of handwriting?

How homeschoolers make friends

Best way to learn to write is blogging

April, 2016

Gender-neutral parenting: Another reason to homeschool

5 Reasons you shouldn’t teach your kids spelling

Kids who quit school show great promise

How to spot a homeschooler at Passover

Your kid is not a mini version of you

The argument against music lessons for children

First stage of homeschooling: Imposter syndrome

Having a set curriculum is so last century

What your children need most from you

March, 2016

How to separate personal insecurities from homeschool insecurities

How to teach executive function

New research: Forced curriculum is inappropriate for kids under 11

How I overcome homeschool burnout

Are you as open-minded as you think you are?

How to raise creative kids

Choosing homeschooling is about risk management

Boston high schoolers test their own power. For a day.

With children, what you miss you miss. There’s no later.

Is your emotional intelligence curriculum working?

Which college is right for a homeschooled kid?

February, 2016

Is the education discussion inextricably tied to money?

What individualized learning looks like, done right

If you are a single parent and you want to homeschool

Writing papers is stupid

What it means when homeschooling feels lonely

It’s your moral obligation to take your kids out of school

Your kids will have jobs that don’t exist yet

Schools hold kids to standards adults don’t even meet

How stay-at-home parents make up for lost income

What is education in the Age of Information?

High school’s not too late to start homeschooling

What’s more scary: Keeping kids in school or taking them out?

How to hack the new SAT

January, 2016

5 Sanity-saving thoughts for homeschoolers

What’s a solid, reliable career path for kids to follow?

How will your kids fail today?

I was an excellent student, and I don’t want my kids to be like me

School kids have a very low bar for what is fun

Search is the most important academic subject today

How to cope when your kids are doing it all wrong

My kids are four years below grade level and I don’t care

I can see my future, and something needs to change

How to teach the elements of literature

Most popular posts of 2015

December, 2015

Is it self-directed learning or peer pressure?

This is not a Christmas card

My new plan to get my son into college

If you think winter break is a nightmare, you’d still be good at homeschooling

What made you start homeschooling?

Homeschoolers with amazing results are not evidence that homeschooling works

Homeschooling parents more effectively implement alternative solutions

Pediatricians revise screen-time recommendations

Reading list for an unschooler

What does customized learning look like?

November, 2015

Let your children read when they’re ready

Pay kids to do stuff they don’t like

Tactics for picking up tidbits of confidence

Teaching kids self-discipline is overrated

The terrible days are part of successful homeschooling

The best way to lift kids out of poverty (it’s NOT education)

October, 2015

Do homeschoolers need portfolios to apply to college?

What if all they want to do is play video games?

Backflips the intelligentsia do to support kids in school

All curriculum needs more pictures and less text

Homeschool is a video game issue

Best way deal with porn? Create a confident, self-directed learner

Public school does not enable class mobility

How to teach kids through community involvement

How to do preschool with one child and no stuff

September, 2015

Teach your kids intelligent disobedience

What common practice will horrify our kids someday?

Homeschool curriculum for your daughter

We are at the end of the Age of Cursive

5 Ways schools prioritize teachers over kids

What really happens during the back-to-school routine

Most homeschooling families are happy with their choice

Parental controls online are mostly misguided

Homeschooler dilemma: Individual vs. community

August, 2015

Boston Magazine: Homeschooling’s the new model for raising elite kids

How to homeschool with confidence

I have been to LinkedIn and I see the future

When you think about quitting, fall back on your intuition

If you’re a homeschooler does that make you an activist?

Homeschooler goal: Kids who are debt free

What makes a good school good?

Freedom vs. coercion: The quintessential homeschooler dilemma

Parent your way even if you haven’t seen anyone do it that way

Your child’s Minecraft style reveals their personality type

School is a fast-track to poverty

Stop shaming people who don’t like to read

July, 2015

Essential advice to kids: You cannot be anything you want to be

Your most powerful teaching tool is behavioral modeling

Just because you wish you could work for yourself doesn’t mean your kids should

How to talk to your kid about careers

Who are the teachers in elementary schools?

Stop worrying so much about your teaching methods

How vaccines became an education issue

YouTube channels are the new Facebook page and other trends that make your curriculum irrelevant

How introvert parents help extrovert kids

My new goal for homeschool curriculum

June, 2015

Three ways to teach that make sense to me

The key to understanding parent-child relationships for INFJs

Have a Workaway person help your family

Curricula are for uninspired parents

Your kids don’t need to go to preschool

In a classroom, the reward for efficiency is boredom

When does a school year end for homeschoolers?

How to homeschool with confidence

How do the 1% handle education?

Charter school data reveals they’re no better than public schools

Finally, Silicon Valley funds homeschooling: Elon Musk leads with Ad Astra

May, 2015

Stop teaching kids to write for last century

Education today should prepare for shocking careers of tomorrow

How do unschoolers turn out?

The real education you give your kids is what you model for them

Teachable moment

Time management tips for homeschool parents

5 Reasons it’s easier for single parents to homeschool

Video games teach mindfulness — even Call of Duty!

Playing video games does not always mean consuming media

April, 2015

Self-directed learning requires parents to let go of their agenda

How to know if your kid is really learning when you unschool

Will my kids miss out on opportunities if we homeschool?

You can go back to work and continue to homeschool

Is your child a good self-directed learner? Here’s a litmus test.

The real reason we homeschool our black son

Kids like violent fantasy and role playing. It’s normal and healthy.

Homeschooling does not make you poor

Open floor plans crush us, both at work and at school

Structural barriers to school reform we never talk about

Risky play is essential to child development

Review of the documentary: Class Dismissed

Education does not mean “learn to do stuff you don’t like”

March, 2015

Video games provide a genuine happiness that we find very few other ways

3 Things middle schoolers need to learn

How to be a good role model for your daughter

How to quit your job so you can homeschool

How kids find their passion

Educate for insurgency

Violent video games don’t make kids violent

4 Social behaviors homeschoolers need to know

What makes any parent happy?

Traditional schools are for parents who are scared

I put my kids in school so I’d have time to write on a homeschool blog

Parents in Deerfield, IL: All-day kindergarten is a scam.

5 Reasons standardized testing won’t slow down

Homeschooling is not just for rich people

7 Strategies for raising creative kids

February, 2015

Maybe I should quit homeschooling

Why I decided to homeschool

Is school sedentary or is school for running?

Don’t teach your kids to start a business

5-day course with Penelope: How to write about your life

Why I send my son to school

Overlooked tricks to outsource homeschooling

How to unschool when you’re a controlling parent

Growth in homeschooling is on the coasts

What counts as good writing?

Unlimited time for video games teaches social skills

How to cut corners when you’re homeschooling

Missing school doesn’t matter

January, 2015

Escape route for teachers: Entrepreneurship

How do you teach daughters to be powerful?

Are music lessons worth the effort?

How to earn money while homeschooling your kids

Fitting in is important

How to improve executive function (screen time!)

Homeschooling protects against parent burnout

Don’t test your kids

Solutions to lost income of a homeschooling parent

School is for nationalism

How to improve your child’s vocabulary

List of things you have to teach at home

Resolved: Be more informative

December, 2014

Most popular posts of 2014

Screen time: It’s not about how much. It’s about how.

Lecture-style teaching doesn’t work

Teach kids self-assurance to be themselves

Homeschooling makes me less militant about Christmas

School isolates kids from knowledge of power structures

Kids search for meaning just like adults do

Should you give kids money to start a company?

What’s the best way to teach art history?

Online course: Understand your child’s personality type

November, 2014

Essential skill: recognizing real authority

Sitting is the new smoking

The best questions don’t succumb to a school’s grading system

How do I know if I’m a good parent?

5-Step plan for taking your child to work

Snow days are cancelled in favor of online school

How homeschooling parents should structure a divorce

Financial literacy for homeschoolers

October, 2014

Here’s curriculum to teach kids to pick a spouse

How to raise high-earning sons

The GED is a big waste of time

Self-directed learning is more fun with parent intimacy

This will make you happy about downshifting to homeschool

We need to stop presenting school as the default. It’s a choice.

Is it normal for parents to put their own needs first?

5 Steps for teaching kids to be entrepreneurs

Is it immoral for rich kids to attend public school?

September, 2014

You need to teach homeschooled kids to break rules

Information Age education is suited for parents not teachers

How my unschooled son got into college

Don’t lag behind the mass exodus from school

How homeschoolers cut back to a single income

You probably won’t use a language you study. But so what?

Definition of unschooling: Teaching kids to intentionally find a passion

The most important reading skill no one is teaching

Joan Rivers is more than a role model for comedians

How I deal with my friends who don’t homeschool

August, 2014

The calendar conditions us to send kids to school

How much TV do most kids really watch?

Should we pay kids to go to school?

Do I need to prepare my teen for college?

Is video the killer app for school reform?

How you can help a high schooler, right now

School replaces family, one meal at a time

The real truth about instilling love of learning

When is it time to get a tutor?

It’s quantity time that matters, not quality time

Why are so many people against homeschooling?

What is a good outcome for unschooling?

July, 2014

Unschooling starts the day your child is born

How does an unschooler get into college for science?

Laptops are for set curricula, tablets are for self-directed learners

Parents need to deprogram their own brains first

Why school teachers take their kids out of school

This is what education reform should look like

Why do most kids say they like school?

June, 2014

Are museums irrelevant?

What’s a parent’s role in unschooling?

Are you a homeschool parent who needs to get a life? Take the test.

If you’re looking for curriculum, try resilience

How should kids choose friends?

Why I take anxiety medicine to be with my kids

Is running errands parenting? Is cleaning homeschooling?

The best homeschool moments are also the most mundane

Silicon Valley is innovating babysitting, not education

May, 2014

When is it okay for parents to ditch the kids?

Try Zazzle for teaching kids to be entrepreneurs

Smart, rich kids are particularly harmed by being in school

If your kid loves going school, you really need to homeschool

Parent denial reaches new heights with school sabbaticals

How to instill a love for [insert your topic here]

The one homeschool problem money won’t solve

School is only a problem for the middle class

Which books are the best homeschooling books?

April, 2014

College is wasteful, but it’s much worse for women than men

Why Gen Y doesn’t homeschool

Key to school reform is pitting kids against teachers

Homeschool has more diversity than public school

Smart adults don’t wait for government to tell them what to do

NCAA Final Four sheds light on education crisis

School commute times ruin family life

Gifted is a messed-up moniker

March, 2014

Kids don’t need teachers. Kids need parents.

School trains kids to reinvent the wheel

What I want to remember about homeschooling

What Chinese people really think of US schools

The latest thing education reformers agree kids need that they can’t get in school

School has created a national sleep crisis

3 Reasons your kids should not have school teachers

Deep engagement: the solution to education, dating, blogging and everything else

4 Lies we tell ourselves about screen time

Hold teachers responsible for participating in the system

What new SAT reforms mean for the future of education

Overcome the bias against creativity

Teachers thwart children’s entrance into the real world

February, 2014

I changed my blog title from homeschooling to education

A totally great example of self-directed learning and a parent brave enough to follow

Kids learn best from life, not teachers

When is it too late to change my mind?

Trendspotting firm predicts surge in unschooling

How to unschool a kid AND send him to school

Childhood should be about discovering talents

Why I love Suzuki method for music education

Obsessive video game play is the most beneficial of all screen time

January, 2014

Considering homeschooling? Ask yourself these questions

What does genius risk-taking look like in the context of school?

How do homeschoolers get into college?

What should kids memorize?

There is no difference between school content; only school marketing

Kids will never tell us what’s happening at school

There’s little difference between a slow learner and genius

How can I work and homeschool too?

Homeschooling starts the day your child is born

I have more experienced worries now that I’m a more experienced homeschooler

School forces kids to socialize online

There’s no place for traditional school in effective school reform

How to raise your child to be an entrepreneur

December, 2013

Most popular posts of 2013

The root cause of the new, delayed adulthood

A momentary pause in my homeschool tirades for a bit of empathy

My kid is really social and I’m not

School reform is dead. It’s about family reform.

The politicization of my kids

Third grade is a crucial decision point for homeschooling

What do rich parents do that poor parents don’t?

November, 2013

Good teaching is telling stories

Personal development for parents

My son wants to go back to school

You can’t teach kids how to manage themselves online. So leave them alone.

Best solution for balancing work and kids is homeschooling

We are all teachers. Which is why we don’t need teachers.

Who gives the best education advice? Not the people you’d expect.

Homeschool links that annoy me

High achievers have lots of play time

Complaining about school is dangerous parenting

How to homeschool as a single parent

Couples therapy for homeschoolers

October, 2013

How to launch a company while you homeschool

What homeschool parents should worry about: Themselves

You probably don’t need to earn money while you homeschool

The problem with education is there’s too much money for so-called reformers

Organized religion is too much like school

How do you teach your kids mastery?

The media lies about childcare

Teachers are not the problem with school

Kids are better than adults at managing screen time

September, 2013

Stop putting the onus on kids to make school work. And Teach for America sucks.

What about Waldorf?

How to be an overachiever and homeschool your kids

Does my kid need college? Does it have to be a good college?

Montessori schools don’t work for young boys

Kids innovate when you leave them alone

Homeschool is great for stupid kids (and smart ones)

I knew I needed to investigate homeschooling when…

School fights against kids learning self-regulation

Football is more dangerous for homeschoolers than kids in school

The ethics of sending kids to private school are irrelevant

School undermines a parent’s self-discovery

Black boys need credentials

August, 2013

Eleven-year-old tells benefits of video games

Standard curricula is for intellectually insecure parents

Democratic schools are stupid

Art of parenting: when to step back and when to step in

3 Reasons why black people don’t homeschool

There are no lazy people

Homeschool is a how-to-live decision not a how-to-learn decision

What it feels like to homeschool

Back-to-school ads are a parade of arguments in favor of homeschooling

Education we give shapes the praise we give

How to start homeschooling: See things differently

Summer costs too much for kids who go to school

Homeschooling helped my son be more social

July, 2013

Homeschool isn’t about learning, it’s about fun

If you think you’re special then you’re obsessed with average

How to stop parenting guilt

Don’t find out your kid’s IQ

Every kid needs a guide

Doing homework with your kid is not good parenting

Traditional schools treat kids like lab rats

Happy Fourth of July from homeschooler land

This is what unschooling is

The Common Core will be the tipping point for homeschoolers

June, 2013

3 Ways to avoid homeschool burnout

Deciding to homeschool is not about if you’ll do a good job

The school-to-prison pipeline is expanding

Guest post: How I decided to homeschool

Deep reading is complete stupidity

Often homeschooling means doing nothing

What kids need most is a parent close by

In Hollywood, homeschooling is the norm

May, 2013

Kaityln Hunt sex case isn’t about sex. It’s about school.

Graduation celebration encourages mediocrity

Your kids are easier to deal with if you homeschool them

In our house school is punishment

Homeschool your kids so they learn to cheat

Forced gym makes kids hate exercise

You’re the type of parent who chooses to homeschool

Is your smart kid destined to fail?

School violates fundamental rights of children

8 Ways life got easier when I started homeschooling

School marginalizes boys. (Let boys play video games.)

School is a competition where winners get nothing

Get your kids to be their best selves

Unlimited video games in the news

3 Reasons to homeschool your gay child

April, 2013

What we did when our son was failing school

4 Ways to avoid parent burnout

Abstract art for your exceptional child

What makes a dad a homeschooling dad?

Being consistent should not be a homeschool goal

How personality type affects homeschooling

National nut jobs: homeschoolers put 6 kids in college before age 12

Teaching the difficult child

Educated parents take their kids out of school

School has always been out of touch. Parents shouldn’t mimic that.

Kids who play video games do better as adults

3 Stereotypes about homeschooling parents – and why they’re wrong

You should homeschool your student athlete

How to get confidence to go against the grain

School teaches kids that exercise is stupid

March, 2013

How to win over skeptical family members

Forget about getting your kids to read classics

Are homeschool kids too sheltered?

What test scores really measure

How to teach kids to write effectively

Picking curriculum to fit your family

Education should prepare kids to get married

Learning to control one’s information environment is essential

Mainstream media is delusional about homeschooling

School undermines our natural ability to learn

How to pay for your kid’s college

Best place to learn critical thinking is outside the classroom

The three possible goals for education

What if your kid loves worksheets?

The hoopla about Marissa Mayer is really a homeschool issue

Teach your kids to get mentors

February, 2013

Mandatory education is a good idea that we don’t need now

Five ways to tell if your kid should go to college

When it comes to sex ed, we’re all homeschoolers

3 ways school puts your child’s health at risk

4 tips for working while you homeschool

Forget universal pre-K. Obama should launch a program to fund homeschooling

4 Reasons you don’t need to be a teacher to homeschool

How to raise your kid with an open mind

I homeschool to model honesty and bravery to my kids

Social behavior is innate. Kids don’t learn it in school.

Trust your kid’s curiosity regardless of their age

The scariest ways school encroaches on family

People don’t want honesty from teachers

January, 2013

5 Reasons parents need to use Myers Briggs

New ed tech targets parents instead of schools

Homeschooling is about creating good habits

The real reason parents don’t homeschool

Schools undermine parent confidence

Curriculum by subject makes kids unemployable

Fix public schools by homeschooling your kids

Bullying is intrinsic to the school setting

The bus is the most exhausting part of school

School reform will not happen in our time

Boys stink at school and it doesn’t even matter

What’s the most unfair advantage a kid can have?

Negative influence of school snowballs at home

How to convince a parent to try homeschooling

3 Things you shouldn’t do for your teen

December, 2012

Traditional school heavily favors the introvert

Most popular posts of 2012

How to hack public school

Grouping by age is motivated by cost not learning

Advice to new homeschoolers

You don’t need to teach handwriting

How to homeschool to promote creativity

It’s a myth that school is good for socialization

How to measure the success of a parent

At our homeschool it’s Hanukkah every day

Touched by Teachers in Newtown, CT

The dark side of prodigy

How to teach fulfillment

Well-roundedness is for the poorly educated

Don’t teach your kids to write code

The real reason personalized education is hard for parents

November, 2012

The take-home folder is a magnifying glass on public school

Why homeschool is best for social-emotional development

Homeschooling is about believing in magic

How to drop out of high school

How to homeschool if you love going to work

3 Ways to rectify the miseducation of girls

Help your kids forge a new path to adulthood

What kids learn living in a swing state

The best day I had at school

How do unschoolers force their agenda on their kids?

October, 2012

3 Ways to help kids prepare for careers

Results-focused research about school is misleading and useless

Forced curricula undermines learning. (And you don’t need to teach your kids chemistry.)

It’s too expensive to send your kids to school

What’s the line between unschooling and neglect?

Sending kids to school is outsourcing moral development

Homeschooling forces me to become more self-confident

The only time I’ve ever felt shunned as a Jew was in my local homeschool group

Seminar: Teach Your Kids to Start a Business!

How much does it cost to homeschool?

5 Reasons homework makes kids stupid

Teach your kids to quit with purpose

September, 2012

How to do project-based learning

How I decided to homeschool

Why your homeschooler will rebel against you

How do homeschooled kids make friends?

Elite schools shifting to a homeschool model

Public school is a babysitting service

Happy Rosh Hashanah from Iowa City

Special needs kids should be homeschooled

Find out your kid’s reading level

How I created a homeschool support system

How do homeschoolers get into college?

School porn has lost its effect on me

Most problems of homeschoolers are not homeschooling problems

Back-to-school time is for poor kids

August, 2012

Do you need Apple’s $99 unlimited support?

The most important things to teach are never in curriculum

3 Ways to build bravery to buck trends

Schools teach kids relationships don’t matter

Don’t miss diagnosing Aspergers in young girls

Raising kids well is not about good time management

How to teach your kids to find a passion

5 Steps for teaching your kid entrepreneurship

5 reasons why you don’t need to teach math

Side effect of unlimited screen time: interest in politics

Should your kids play an instrument?

Strategies for ditching the kids

How my son learned to type in ten minutes

School squashes cultural diversity

Kids who feel useful are happier as adults

Teach your kids to write the perfect paragraph

July, 2012

Ten things all homeschoolers should learn

Kindergarten readiness means sit still and conform

Worry about outdoor play instead of video play

Video games vs books vs kick the can

How to wean yourself from the college crutch

What would you do if you had ten million dollars?

Here’s the career math to know if you should homeschool

Not all parents are the same. Some are better.

Homeschooling’s not as much work as you think

June, 2012

How I put homeschooling on reality TV

Ads on TV portend a surge in homeschooling

When you talk about school, talk about the bus

How to uncover drive and determination

Learning in the 21st century is unlearning

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