Extortion letter reveals the true  purpose of preschool

When you read research about preschool keep in mind the most of it is about very low-income kids. Preschool is not important for academic preparation or socialization. Preschool is important because it provides a nurturing environment where children can play while their parents are working.

It’s not too late to plan your kid’s Positive Childhood Experiences

There’s a test of positive childhood experiences to see how resilient a person is. How positive your childhood was impacts how resilient you’ll be as an adult. (I think this was developed to be a pick-me-up for people who scored poorly on the adverse childhood experience test, which I scored almost 100% on.)

My email to our chemistry tutor. Annotated.

After sending Y off to college, I did seven months of minding my own business, mostly, and letting them succeed or fail on their own. It was not easy. At Halloween, for example, they asked me if could help with a costume.

Staying home with kids is revolutionary

Kids need a primary caretaker during the first three years of their life. When a baby is unclear on who that primary person is the baby gets attachment disorder – which is a nice way of saying brain damage. Other than those three years, twin studies show there is not much you can do to […]

How can I follow my passion if I am homeschooling my kids?

Today I was walking in the park with Z and I said, “I could  plant broccoli here. With brussel sprouts alternating.” Z said, “I have an idea. How about you parent me instead?”

Ryan Gosling’s homeschool experience was my model

I’ve been writing this blog for so long that I can see the trend of teenagers yelling at their parents for not preparing them for college — including my own. Because by the time the parents and kids realize it happened, it’s too late.

Would you unschool if I did it all over again?

I received this email today: Dear Penelope, I had a coaching call with you last fall about closing my business and becoming a SAHM. I did close the business, and I’m now taking care of my daughter. My husband has been thriving at work, the family runs better, and I’m happier!  I’m also eight months pregnant […]

Unstructured time rather than structured time teaches self-discipline

I am constantly shocked by how much research there is to show that kids should not be in school. This is the reason I was able to so confidently unschool my kids through elementary school. Now, with kids who are teenagers, the research is not so clear. Too many variables.

How to teach a skill you don’t have yourself

I was a history major in college, and we memorized dates and people. But kids don’t do that anymore. They organize all the information into themes. We punted on textbooks and capitulated to AP study guides that teach to the test. The last chapter of AP history is globalization. (Note to overachievers: this topic falls […]

Pile on the excused absences in elementary school

 It’s hard for me to process all the crazy things I did while I was raising my kids. When I was in the moment, I couldn’t tell. Maybe because time was moving so fast. So I didn’t take pictures of the times I’d want to remember so much as I took pictures when I […]

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