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September, 2018

The Kavanaugh Protests: I wish I had somewhere to walk out of

Here are some ways a school teacher could improve my life

August, 2018

Go see the movie Eighth Grade. It will blow your mind.

Before you harp on weakness, show your kids their strength

July, 2018

Homeschooling vs unschooling – the real difference

June, 2018

Age-appropriate sex ed is not about age

May, 2018

Dear Princeton University, I love you

February, 2018

Failures in homeschool curriculum development

May, 2017

When do we stop learning through play?

April, 2017

Technology trends that should shape education

March, 2017

There’s not just one way to homeschool

February, 2017

What is computer literacy in today’s world?

September, 2016

Use homeschooling to switch to a rich-kid mindset

The next civil rights frontier is children

What girls need most: Time with their mom

August, 2016

Kids should learn with headphones on

July, 2016

Sex ed curricula for homeschoolers

The best careers for kids will emerge from widespread automation

June, 2016

Self-directed learning often means self-directed buying

Every language arts lesson in just one day (from a rape case at Stanford)

April, 2016

Kids who quit school show great promise

How to spot a homeschooler at Passover

March, 2016

How to teach executive function

January, 2016

How will your kids fail today?

November, 2015

Teaching kids self-discipline is overrated

October, 2015

Best way deal with porn? Create a confident, self-directed learner

How to teach kids through community involvement

How to do preschool with one child and no stuff

July, 2015

How to talk to your kid about careers

June, 2015

Have a Workaway person help your family

How do the 1% handle education?

May, 2015

Education today should prepare for shocking careers of tomorrow

The real education you give your kids is what you model for them

April, 2015

How to know if your kid is really learning when you unschool

Will my kids miss out on opportunities if we homeschool?

Risky play is essential to child development

March, 2015

7 Strategies for raising creative kids

February, 2015

Is school sedentary or is school for running?

January, 2015

How do you teach daughters to be powerful?

Are music lessons worth the effort?

December, 2014

Lecture-style teaching doesn’t work

November, 2014

Essential skill: recognizing real authority

The best questions don’t succumb to a school’s grading system

October, 2014

5 Steps for teaching kids to be entrepreneurs

June, 2014

Are museums irrelevant?

May, 2014

Try Zazzle for teaching kids to be entrepreneurs

March, 2014

What I want to remember about homeschooling

February, 2014

Kids learn best from life, not teachers

September, 2013

Kids innovate when you leave them alone

Football is more dangerous for homeschoolers than kids in school

August, 2013

There are no lazy people

Summer costs too much for kids who go to school

July, 2013

Homeschool isn’t about learning, it’s about fun

May, 2013

Your kids are easier to deal with if you homeschool them

March, 2013

Learning to control one’s information environment is essential

Best place to learn critical thinking is outside the classroom

Teach your kids to get mentors

February, 2013

When it comes to sex ed, we’re all homeschoolers

How to raise your kid with an open mind

January, 2013

Homeschooling is about creating good habits

December, 2012

At our homeschool it’s Hanukkah every day

How to teach fulfillment

November, 2012

Homeschooling is about believing in magic

What kids learn living in a swing state

October, 2012

Seminar: Teach Your Kids to Start a Business!

August, 2012

Do you need Apple’s $99 unlimited support?

5 Steps for teaching your kid entrepreneurship

Should your kids play an instrument?

July, 2012

Worry about outdoor play instead of video play

June, 2012

My brush with Internet censorship

May, 2012

Kids who go to school don’t homeschool in the summer

April, 2012

Top universities want you to homeschool

Why curriculum doesn’t work

“It’s educational” means “it sucks”

March, 2012

Business trip with homeschooler

February, 2012

Benefits from homeschooling

Teaching about birds and bees

Social media is the best school

Books I hate

How I’m learning to tell the truth

January, 2012

Unstructured play is overrated

October, 2011

NYC farm-boy style

How I learned algebra

Black Eyed Peas

September, 2011

Mall of America

Art class, please

My 9/11 survival story

August, 2011

Learning from consumerism

List of things


Summertime schooling

July, 2011

Austin adventure