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August, 2018

The lamest homeschoolers who won’t shut up

July, 2018

7 Types of homeschooling parents I hate

November, 2017

Self-directed learning in teens is about focus

April, 2017

How I talk to friends about why I homeschool

August, 2016

Finally! Self-published books that rock

Secrets of superfamilies: Very few rules

May, 2016

Your American Dream is crushing your kids

April, 2016

Gender-neutral parenting: Another reason to homeschool

March, 2016

How to raise creative kids

January, 2016

5 Sanity-saving thoughts for homeschoolers

December, 2015

Homeschooling parents more effectively implement alternative solutions

Pediatricians revise screen-time recommendations

November, 2015

Tactics for picking up tidbits of confidence

September, 2015

Most homeschooling families are happy with their choice

August, 2015

If you’re a homeschooler does that make you an activist?

July, 2015

Your most powerful teaching tool is behavioral modeling

My new goal for homeschool curriculum

April, 2015

Review of the documentary: Class Dismissed

March, 2015

How to be a good role model for your daughter

December, 2014

Kids search for meaning just like adults do

September, 2014

You need to teach homeschooled kids to break rules

August, 2014

How you can help a high schooler, right now

July, 2014

Unschooling starts the day your child is born

Why do most kids say they like school?

June, 2014

Why I take anxiety medicine to be with my kids

Silicon Valley is innovating babysitting, not education

May, 2014

Which books are the best homeschooling books?

April, 2014

School commute times ruin family life

Gifted is a messed-up moniker

February, 2014

Trendspotting firm predicts surge in unschooling

January, 2014

Considering homeschooling? Ask yourself these questions

November, 2013

You can’t teach kids how to manage themselves online. So leave them alone.

Who gives the best education advice? Not the people you’d expect.

High achievers have lots of play time

October, 2013

Organized religion is too much like school

How do you teach your kids mastery?

September, 2013

Homeschool is great for stupid kids (and smart ones)

August, 2013

Education we give shapes the praise we give

July, 2013

Happy Fourth of July from homeschooler land

June, 2013

Guest post: How I decided to homeschool

May, 2013

3 Reasons to homeschool your gay child

April, 2013

Educated parents take their kids out of school

School teaches kids that exercise is stupid

March, 2013

Are homeschool kids too sheltered?

February, 2013

Mandatory education is a good idea that we don’t need now

I homeschool to model honesty and bravery to my kids

January, 2013

5 Reasons parents need to use Myers Briggs

What’s the most unfair advantage a kid can have?

How to convince a parent to try homeschooling

3 Things you shouldn’t do for your teen

December, 2012

How to homeschool to promote creativity

How to measure the success of a parent

September, 2012

Happy Rosh Hashanah from Iowa City

July, 2012

What would you do if you had ten million dollars?

June, 2012

How I put homeschooling on reality TV

Ads on TV portend a surge in homeschooling

How to uncover drive and determination

March, 2012

I love TV for kids

The hardest part of homeschooling is the beginning

February, 2012

How to teach writing: ignore grammar

January, 2012

Raise your kids like rich kids

December, 2011

I miss the men

November, 2011

How I get confidence each day

The big lie homeschoolers tell

The end of artificial food

Information defensiveness

Finally, the haters come

October, 2011

The most taboo topic

September, 2011

Stability requirements

Juvenile prison

August, 2011

What if the mom is the problem?

Keeping up with the Joneses

My big decision

Not interested in fixing schools

How to teach risk taking

July, 2011