I was on YouTube looking for this funny clip about homeschooling by comedian Michael Jr. And the recommended videos blew my mind. Read more

Here is a list of homeschooling parents I hate. It’s all-encompassing, so hopefully this list will allow each of you to feel recognized in one way or another. Read more

When my kids were young and I was new to homeschooling, self-directed learning was so easy for them. They played video games, had fist fights, and set things on fire. Read more

When my friends ask about homeschooling I say, “All the data and research says that kids don’t need to be in school. I realized that it would be totally irresponsible and self-serving of me to not take my kids out of school.” Read more

Each day I receive one or two books from authors and publishers. I want to tell you I give most of them away, but most of them are terrible. In a lot of cases even our local library will not take them. Read more

Time magazine asks the question: What is it about families that have a bunch of super-successful children? And the answer is fascinating. Read more

The concept of an American Dream started with desires for religious freedom. By the 1800s, German immigrants came to America dreaming about upward mobility—something you couldn’t get in Europe. The 1900s saw the American Dream morph into consumerism—in order to avoid a post-war recession. (Go to college! Buy a house! We’ll give you a loan to have it all!) Read more

The new word for he is ne and the new word for she is ne, too. Because we should not assume gender identification just from looking at someone. Read more

Despite advances in artificial intelligence, what still distinguishes a computer from a person is self-learning. A person can learn independently. An computer has to be given information to put out information. Read more

Sometimes I worry that I’m not teaching my kids enough. Like when they can’t identify Brazil’s flag or when they seem to have bad animal skills, or people skills, or math skills.  Read more