New homeschoolers play video games nonstop.  It’s a phase.

 A lot of times when kids first leave school, they spend a few months playing video games. That’s all. Just video games. And the parents freak out.

Homeschool with autism. A 10-week workshop where we learn from my mistakes

The reason I have so much trouble writing about my homeschooling journey is that not everything worked. But I know if I don’t start talking about it, I’m not going to help people do it better than I did. The biggest issue was not my kids. It was me. I made a lot of decisions […]

Guess who hates public school the most?

The people who are most unhappy with public schools in the US are people without children. Parents, it turns out, report that their schools are great. Translation: school is such a sacred form of free childcare that parents systematically mix up causation and correlation in order to keep believing that school is okay.

How do you work and homeschool?  Badly. Obviously.

The truth is that I have partial attention all day and it’s exhausting. Working while homeschooling means constant interruptions all day long. Almost everyone who I have ever coached has had to pause for a minute while I did something for a kid.

Get high test scores without prioritizing tests

It’s impossible to control the hopes and dreams we have for our kids. They start forming even before the sperm hits the egg. It’s an unconscious human thing that we do. I didn’t want a kid who loves school, so it sucked that his favorite part of school is tests. I am always hunting links to […]

If your kid can’t be a pro gamer maybe they can marry one.

At some point I realized the kids I liked most are the hard-core gamers. I encouraged my kids to carve out time each day to take gaming seriously. One of the things I’m most proud of in our homeschooling is that my kids play League of Legends. This game is similar to chess if you […]

Is an allowance about unschooling or respect? Probably both.

The first time we talked about allowances in our family it was my sneaky way to do math. My grade-school aged kids couldn’t tell the difference between a quarter and a nickel, because why would they have any need for that outside of a school assignment?

The four stages of college application animosity

As a homeschooler, I knew college applications would be tricky. We started focusing on them completely at the beginning of the summer. And our interactions became more and more combustible until the final forms were due January 15.

Not having rules is a form of neglect

It’s difficult to enforce rules for kids because the more rules I choose to enforce the more work I make for myself. This is true with a six-year-old or sixteen-year-old.

Science: Depressed teachers don’t impede student math achievement

We cannot wave a wand and change society, or schools, or what I’m about to tell you, which is that elementary school teachers get no respect in our public school system and that explains the high attrition, high burnout, and hundreds of thousands of unfilled positions.