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June, 2019

What happened when my son went to middle school

September, 2018

We don’t have a teacher pay crisis – it’s a competence crisis

July, 2018

Drunk advice from your school’s headmaster

May, 2017

Public school is NOT necessary in a democracy

We present school as a race so adults can feel like winners. But it’s hurting the kids.

December, 2016

I moved to Swarthmore, PA

February, 2016

High school’s not too late to start homeschooling

January, 2016

I was an excellent student, and I don’t want my kids to be like me

School kids have a very low bar for what is fun

December, 2015

If you think winter break is a nightmare, you’d still be good at homeschooling

What made you start homeschooling?

September, 2015

5 Ways schools prioritize teachers over kids

What really happens during the back-to-school routine

August, 2015

What makes a good school good?

July, 2015

Who are the teachers in elementary schools?

How vaccines became an education issue

June, 2015

In a classroom, the reward for efficiency is boredom

April, 2015

The real reason we homeschool our black son

Open floor plans crush us, both at work and at school

March, 2015

Parents in Deerfield, IL: All-day kindergarten is a scam.

February, 2015

Why I decided to homeschool

January, 2015

Don’t test your kids

School is for nationalism

December, 2014

Homeschooling makes me less militant about Christmas

November, 2014

Sitting is the new smoking

Snow days are cancelled in favor of online school

October, 2014

We need to stop presenting school as the default. It’s a choice.

July, 2014

Why school teachers take their kids out of school

June, 2014

The best homeschool moments are also the most mundane

May, 2014

Smart, rich kids are particularly harmed by being in school

March, 2014

Kids don’t need teachers. Kids need parents.

Hold teachers responsible for participating in the system

Overcome the bias against creativity

Teachers thwart children’s entrance into the real world

January, 2014

There is no difference between school content; only school marketing

Kids will never tell us what’s happening at school

There’s no place for traditional school in effective school reform

December, 2013

Third grade is a crucial decision point for homeschooling

November, 2013

We are all teachers. Which is why we don’t need teachers.

October, 2013

Teachers are not the problem with school

September, 2013

Stop putting the onus on kids to make school work. And Teach for America sucks.

What about Waldorf?

Montessori schools don’t work for young boys

August, 2013

Democratic schools are stupid

Back-to-school ads are a parade of arguments in favor of homeschooling

July, 2013

Traditional schools treat kids like lab rats

The Common Core will be the tipping point for homeschoolers

June, 2013

Deciding to homeschool is not about if you’ll do a good job

The school-to-prison pipeline is expanding

Deep reading is complete stupidity

May, 2013

Kaityln Hunt sex case isn’t about sex. It’s about school.

Graduation celebration encourages mediocrity

In our house school is punishment

Forced gym makes kids hate exercise

School violates fundamental rights of children

April, 2013

What we did when our son was failing school

February, 2013

3 ways school puts your child’s health at risk

People don’t want honesty from teachers

January, 2013

Fix public schools by homeschooling your kids

Bullying is intrinsic to the school setting

The bus is the most exhausting part of school

Boys stink at school and it doesn’t even matter

December, 2012

How to hack public school

Touched by Teachers in Newtown, CT

November, 2012

The take-home folder is a magnifying glass on public school

October, 2012

It’s too expensive to send your kids to school

Sending kids to school is outsourcing moral development

September, 2012

Public school is a babysitting service

Special needs kids should be homeschooled

June, 2012

When you talk about school, talk about the bus

Dispatch from the Wisconsin election: True school activists vote for Walker

May, 2012

3 ways school kills a kid’s ability to get a job

The US should get kids out of factories

March, 2012

Spying on schools

School reform talk is escapism

February, 2012

Your school activism hurts your kids

How to address the public good

November, 2011

Your school sucks

September, 2011


Last day of school

Labeling the liars

About, cross, after

Friday my son went to school

August, 2011

Meeting with the principal

July, 2011

School district dysphoria

What’s in that backpack?

The meaning of Title 1

Black kids should homeschool