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August, 2018

The American Academy of Pediatrics are treacherous sellouts

Moneyballing Homeschool

Are you a native homeschooler or an immigrant?

September, 2016

Don’t teach kids to do what they don’t want to do

September, 2015

What common practice will horrify our kids someday?

May, 2015

Teachable moment

March, 2015

Traditional schools are for parents who are scared

September, 2014

Don’t lag behind the mass exodus from school

July, 2014

Parents need to deprogram their own brains first

April, 2014

Smart adults don’t wait for government to tell them what to do

March, 2014

3 Reasons your kids should not have school teachers

January, 2014

Homeschooling starts the day your child is born

November, 2013

Homeschool links that annoy me

October, 2013

The problem with education is there’s too much money for so-called reformers

The media lies about childcare

September, 2013

The ethics of sending kids to private school are irrelevant

August, 2013

3 Reasons why black people don’t homeschool

May, 2013

Homeschool your kids so they learn to cheat

School is a competition where winners get nothing

April, 2013

Teaching the difficult child

How to get confidence to go against the grain

March, 2013

Mainstream media is delusional about homeschooling

School undermines our natural ability to learn

The hoopla about Marissa Mayer is really a homeschool issue

February, 2013

The scariest ways school encroaches on family

January, 2013

Schools undermine parent confidence

School reform will not happen in our time

Negative influence of school snowballs at home

December, 2012

Advice to new homeschoolers

October, 2012

Results-focused research about school is misleading and useless

September, 2012

How I decided to homeschool

July, 2012

Kindergarten readiness means sit still and conform

April, 2012

Homeschool parents don’t need to be teachers

You don’t need to teach reading

Why I homeschool

March, 2012

Reminder to myself: Homework is useless

February, 2012

Maybe I should have no rules

December, 2011

Curriculum discussion is vapid

College is a lame goal

November, 2011

Child abuse in homeschooling

October, 2011

Homeschool vs unschool

Where are the children?

The 3 most common questions

Alternative to homeschool debate

How homeschooling really works

What It’s like on the fringe

September, 2011

The visitor

Labeling the liars

August, 2011

Seeking bad attitudes

10 Reasons to take your kids out of school, from a top NYC teacher

July, 2011

School t-shirts

Homeschool parent fraud

The difficulty of commitment