When a parent and teacher disagree, the child suffers most

One of the most difficult parts of divorce is that kids have to manage conflict between parents. Parents who don’t communicate well often don’t realize that they end up putting the burden of adult communication on their kids. Kids are not equipped to deal with the stress of adult problems, but they end up feeling […]

How homeschoolers support the community

First of all, go go go Bernie! My favorite part of the caucuses is the face-to-face part. You have to engage with your community in order to have your vote counted. I know people complain that Iowa shouldn’t have so much weight in the primaries, but I think the act of caucusing should have weight […]

Is it possible to insure a parent who homeschools?

When I entered the workforce, Baby Boomers were in charge of everything, so I had all the accouterments of a job you planned to stay in until the day you turn 65. The Gen-Xers in the office designated our life insurance policies to Elizabeth Wurtzel and Mike D. Our workers compensation was so broad that […]

Best AP US History videos

When my older son was studying for AP US History (APUSH is what kids call it in memes) my younger son would learn with us if the material was interesting. So each day we watched a YouTube video and I spent way, way too much time trying to find good videos about topics on the […]

The new digital literacy for digital natives

I have been working with my son on a research about perfect pitch. He was was constantly emailing hundreds of research subjects. I told him he needs to use special software to keep track of a mailing list that big. He told me to shut up. After he lost track of 30 people, I went […]

Learning environment matters more than IQ or talent

My son can’t take notes and listen because he has bad working memory (doing two things at once) but he is great at memorizing, so when he’s with tutors he doesn’t take notes. He listens to the tutor and memorizes as he listens.

Classical Conversations: Multilevel marketing for homeschoolers

Parents who love to learn never talk about love of learning. Parents assume their kids have it. So the first thing I notice about Classical Conversations is the slogan on their learn more page: “Over 125,000 students worldwide are cultivating a love of learning with us.” Here are other things I noticed.

Why is most education research so useless? Conflict of interest

Every time I read an article about public school, I assume I’ll run into research from people who have a conflict of interest. Here are three studies that made me nuts this week.

Guest post: I quit homeschool and sent my kids to private school

This is a guest post from a long-time reader. It stems from an email exchange we had about her kids going to a top private school for high school. I learned so much from her that I edited the emails—with her permission—into a post. I am a single mom—very single with two sperm-donor kids—and I […]

Should I use Classical Curriculum? No. It sucks.

Before we can even talk about the merits of Classical Curriculum we need to talk about the mob-like business of creating confusion to generate profit. There are laws governing trademarks so that people don’t trademark names that cause confusion. For example, people constantly grab Penelope Trunk when there is a new social platform, and they […]

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