We are in NYC for the weekend. Usually when we come here, my preparations are finanical. For example, perparing for the inevitable $8 hot chocolate (pictured above).

But this time we were going to a wedding and I knew we had to prepare for the questions about school.

So, the first thing is, I’m done telling people I  homeschool. Because look, if you think worksheets, and national-non-customized curricula is best for your kid, then really, school is great at that. School is great at teaching to the test, and you don’t need to homeschool.

So I am unschooling. I am trusting my kids that they can figure out what interests them and it will be my job to help them learn what they are curious about. So we are doing self-directed learning.

I told my sons, “When someone says, ‘What grade are you in?’ or ‘How’s school?’ you should answer, ‘I am doing self-directed learning.'”

My nine-year-old said, “Are you going to get in trouble with the police?”

The other thing I did to get ready for our trip to New York is that I prepared for the inevitable question, “How will your kids get socialized?”

In general, the only people who think kids need school for socializing are people who have other reasons for thinking kids should be in school: like, change makes them terrified.

But anyway, I reviewed the answers that Laurette Lynn suggests at her blog, Unplugged Mom: My favorite of her answers is that her kids are not socialized. Because socialized really means knocking them into lockstep with all the other kids forced to sit in school all day and learn what they are told to learn.

So I will tell people my kids are self-directed learners who are unsocialized, and this week we are learning about $8 hot chocolates.