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December, 2018

Behind every high-achieving kid is a super-involved parent

July, 2018

Homeschooling pep talk – to myself

June, 2018

You can control whether staying home with kids is boring. Here’s how…

June, 2017

Is there a template for that? And other homeschooling questions.

April, 2017

Why I’m sending my younger kids to school

October, 2016

It’s not that homeschooling is killing me. It’s my own insanely high standards that are killing me.

September, 2016

Moms do most of the homeschooling because duh

Does homeschooling make me look fat?

The best productivity advice you never hear

August, 2016

I’m homeschooling for selfish reasons

Anger gets a bad rap – it’s a good tool

July, 2016

What would my life be like if I didn’t homeschool?

June, 2016

Teach passion by modeling passion

April, 2016

Your kid is not a mini version of you

The argument against music lessons for children

First stage of homeschooling: Imposter syndrome

What your children need most from you

March, 2016

How to separate personal insecurities from homeschool insecurities

How I overcome homeschool burnout

Choosing homeschooling is about risk management

With children, what you miss you miss. There’s no later.

February, 2016

If you are a single parent and you want to homeschool

What it means when homeschooling feels lonely

What’s more scary: Keeping kids in school or taking them out?

January, 2016

How to cope when your kids are doing it all wrong

I can see my future, and something needs to change

November, 2015

The terrible days are part of successful homeschooling

October, 2015

Backflips the intelligentsia do to support kids in school

August, 2015

How to homeschool with confidence

When you think about quitting, fall back on your intuition

Parent your way even if you haven’t seen anyone do it that way

June, 2015

The key to understanding parent-child relationships for INFJs

May, 2015

Time management tips for homeschool parents

April, 2015

You can go back to work and continue to homeschool

March, 2015

What makes any parent happy?

I put my kids in school so I’d have time to write on a homeschool blog

February, 2015

Maybe I should quit homeschooling

Why I send my son to school

Overlooked tricks to outsource homeschooling

How to unschool when you’re a controlling parent

January, 2015

Homeschooling protects against parent burnout

November, 2014

How do I know if I’m a good parent?

5-Step plan for taking your child to work

October, 2014

This will make you happy about downshifting to homeschool

Is it normal for parents to put their own needs first?

September, 2014

Information Age education is suited for parents not teachers

August, 2014

How much TV do most kids really watch?

June, 2014

What’s a parent’s role in unschooling?

Are you a homeschool parent who needs to get a life? Take the test.

Is running errands parenting? Is cleaning homeschooling?

May, 2014

When is it okay for parents to ditch the kids?

Parent denial reaches new heights with school sabbaticals

The one homeschool problem money won’t solve

April, 2014

Why Gen Y doesn’t homeschool

January, 2014

How can I work and homeschool too?

I have more experienced worries now that I’m a more experienced homeschooler

December, 2013

A momentary pause in my homeschool tirades for a bit of empathy

My kid is really social and I’m not

The politicization of my kids

What do rich parents do that poor parents don’t?

November, 2013

Personal development for parents

Best solution for balancing work and kids is homeschooling

Complaining about school is dangerous parenting

How to homeschool as a single parent

Couples therapy for homeschoolers

October, 2013

What homeschool parents should worry about: Themselves

You probably don’t need to earn money while you homeschool

September, 2013

How to be an overachiever and homeschool your kids

I knew I needed to investigate homeschooling when…

School undermines a parent’s self-discovery

August, 2013

Standard curricula is for intellectually insecure parents

Art of parenting: when to step back and when to step in

What it feels like to homeschool

July, 2013

How to stop parenting guilt

Doing homework with your kid is not good parenting

June, 2013

3 Ways to avoid homeschool burnout

Often homeschooling means doing nothing

What kids need most is a parent close by

May, 2013

You’re the type of parent who chooses to homeschool

8 Ways life got easier when I started homeschooling

April, 2013

4 Ways to avoid parent burnout

What makes a dad a homeschooling dad?

Being consistent should not be a homeschool goal

School has always been out of touch. Parents shouldn’t mimic that.

3 Stereotypes about homeschooling parents – and why they’re wrong

February, 2013

4 tips for working while you homeschool

4 Reasons you don’t need to be a teacher to homeschool

January, 2013

The real reason parents don’t homeschool

December, 2012

The dark side of prodigy

The real reason personalized education is hard for parents

November, 2012

How to homeschool if you love going to work

October, 2012

What’s the line between unschooling and neglect?

September, 2012

How I created a homeschool support system

August, 2012

3 Ways to build bravery to buck trends

Raising kids well is not about good time management

Strategies for ditching the kids

July, 2012

Not all parents are the same. Some are better.

Homeschooling’s not as much work as you think

May, 2012

5 steps to prepare for homeschooling your kids

April, 2012

How much money do you need to homeschool?

Doctor’s office BS

March, 2012

The educational kitchen

Teaching self-confidence

Parenting insecurity

February, 2012

Myers Briggs envy

January, 2012

Are you an overbearing parent?

December, 2011

Mother’s little helper

The moment when I feel great

Today I am crying

What should a homeschool parent look like?

November, 2011

How to handle your gifted kid

I’m a bad stay-at-home mom

Day in a life of a homeschooler

When kids assess their parents

The cost of raising kids

September, 2011

Art class, please

Vacation day

August, 2011

Finding focus

Mother-child bonding

What trying hard looks like