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August, 2018

Schools spend a lot of time teaching kids to be politically correct

July, 2018

3 Types of questions people ask homeschoolers, and how to answer them

October, 2017

How to support a family while you homeschool

July, 2017

Parent routine is a part of homeschool success

June, 2017

Guest post: We lost our homeschooling network in the move

September, 2016

A new way to understand why people don’t understand you

May, 2016

How homeschooling fits in the historical narrative of childhood

December, 2015

Is it self-directed learning or peer pressure?

This is not a Christmas card

September, 2015

Homeschooler dilemma: Individual vs. community

August, 2015

I have been to LinkedIn and I see the future

January, 2015

Fitting in is important

September, 2014

How I deal with my friends who don’t homeschool

August, 2014

The calendar conditions us to send kids to school

Why are so many people against homeschooling?

September, 2013

Black boys need credentials

July, 2013

If you think you’re special then you’re obsessed with average

Don’t find out your kid’s IQ

June, 2013

In Hollywood, homeschooling is the norm

March, 2013

How to win over skeptical family members

January, 2013

New ed tech targets parents instead of schools

October, 2012

The only time I’ve ever felt shunned as a Jew was in my local homeschool group

September, 2012

Why your homeschooler will rebel against you

Most problems of homeschoolers are not homeschooling problems

August, 2012

Don’t miss diagnosing Aspergers in young girls

April, 2012

Homeschooling shouldn’t be a private endeavor

March, 2012

Profile of the average homeschool parent

How to deal with being an outsider

January, 2012

High school damages kids

The demise of organized sports

What healthy kids look like

November, 2011

Playground strategy

Homeschooled kids are weird

October, 2011

Homeschool loneliness

September, 2011

Good looks

July, 2011

Great ideas I can’t afford

The meaning of Title 1