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August, 2018

Unschooling does not mean unstructured

Where is the line between self-directed learning and self-sabotage?

July, 2018

Tell your kids the truth about achievement before it’s too late

July, 2016

Why do I have two blogs? I ask myself every day.

July, 2015

Stop worrying so much about your teaching methods

May, 2015

Stop teaching kids to write for last century

March, 2015

How kids find their passion

February, 2015

5-day course with Penelope: How to write about your life

August, 2014

It’s quantity time that matters, not quality time

What is a good outcome for unschooling?

April, 2014

Key to school reform is pitting kids against teachers

March, 2014

What Chinese people really think of US schools

The latest thing education reformers agree kids need that they can’t get in school

February, 2014

I changed my blog title from homeschooling to education

April, 2013

You should homeschool your student athlete

March, 2013

The three possible goals for education

February, 2013

Forget universal pre-K. Obama should launch a program to fund homeschooling

September, 2012

School porn has lost its effect on me

July, 2012

Ten things all homeschoolers should learn

June, 2012

Learning in the 21st century is unlearning

How to teach kids to reach big goals

May, 2012

The argument against raising well-rounded kids

How to zero-in on what’s important to teach

April, 2012

How to prepare for post-campus America

I look at last names differently now that we homeschool

January, 2012

Five homeschool parent types

New Year’s resolutions for homeschoolers

November, 2011

Goals for my kids

October, 2011

Things I’m not teaching

Is my car an education tool?

Learning moments

September, 2011

New goals

Buying self-confidence

August, 2011

Making plans

Suzuki cello camp kills me

Awkward link between homeschool and prodigy

The purpose of schooling

Summertime schooling