I am watching how other people homeschool. I am noticing that while moms mostly say they try to pay attention to who their kids are and what their individual needs are, I think each family has their own homeschool style. And I think homeschooler parents can be divided into five groups according to their core focus:

1. Religious
The parents are fervently religious and homeschool centers around imbuing the kids with this feeling. These families usually spend a lot of time in their church community. They want their kids to grow up and “do the right thing” and there are clear ideas of what that is.

2. Academic
The parents are fanatical about their kids getting into a good college and being respected for their academic achievements. These parents are usually convinced their kids are smarter than average. These families homeschool because there’s not a “good enough” school where they live, and their focus is on curriculum.

3. Dilettante
This is usually a mom who never focused on one thing. She likes doing lots of different things all the time. She assumes her kids will like this too. They try everything. They don’t really have a schedule. The mom is primarily relieved that she does not have to adhere to the rigidity of a school schedule

4. Activist
The parents have made the focal point of their adult lives being running counterculture to almost everything. It feels natural to do this with raising their kids as well. This family has structure or does not have structure — either way the important thing is to them is that they are not adhering to other peoples’ rules.

5. Blue-ribbon winner
These parents focus on expertise. Usually the mom is an expert in something—a remarkably high achiever in something and cannot imagine her kids not wanting the same thing for themselves. There is a persistent search for what each kid both love and have talent for, and then an intense focus on developing expertise in this arena.

I am the last one. I wonder, which one are you? And, did I miss any categories?