For the most part, my kids and I go through our days without seeing any homeschoolers. We wake up early, do chores and breakfast, and then the morning unfolds slowly, with video games and music practice, and me worrying about my work that I am going to try to do while I have the kids all day long. Then we do one or two activities, like horseback riding.

I imagined that we would be part of a community of homeschoolers, but the only community I have found, to be honest, is online, on this blog and other homeschooling blogs I read, like Lisa Nielsen’s and Peter Gray’s.

So I was really happy to hear that in some ways I am actually very typical of the profile of a homeschooling parent:

To be sure, I like that I can take my son horseback riding whenever he wants. And I like that it’s prett quiet while we are there—I’m not one for big groups of homschoolers and neither is he. But I also like to know that I fit in. Somewhere. I like knowing that I am like the other homeschooling parents, at least statistically speaking. It’s tiring to be an parenting iconoclast and school district-naysayer day after day.