The post I published yesterday was the first post in six years of blogging that generated only one comment.

I was lucky enough to start blogging when there were very few bloggers and almost none blogging with my main topic, careers. So I always had 5-10 comments, and now I almost never get less than 50 comments on a post.

This homeschool blog is harder for me. I thought it was an act of love. Or curiosity. But really, this blog, like my other one, is a way for me to explore ideas. It’s pretty much the thing that I’m best at. And really, thank goodness, because I’ve been fired from every other type of job.

So I’m going to have to learn how to write posts on this blog that make people want to talk to me. Mostly because it’s not fun for me to write without a conversation. Really, if talking into an echo chamber were fun, I’d write books instead of blog posts.

What I learned from my blog today: You can’t teach someone perseverance. You can help the person find something they love, often by leaving it around until they stumble upon it, and they will find perseverance on their own.

Some people would look at a post with one comment and give up. The single comment makes me more determined. It makes me want to figure out how to write posts that people want to talk about. And the post makes me love Bec Oakley at Snagglebox. Because if it weren’t for her, I’d have had a post with zero comments.