I am tortured by my youngest son’s need to be social. We have had a really hard time finding playmates for him. Sometimes I wonder if it’s because parents read my blog and are scared to let their kid hang out at our house. But mostly I think it’s that we live in Darlington, WI, so far away from everyone that we’re not convenient enough. I thought the farm would be a huge draw for kids, but a two-hour drive trumps kid fun for almost everyone.

I tell myself that it’s ok, because he sees kids when he goes to activities like dance class. And sometimes we meet other homeschool families in Madison for boy-time at a local gym.

But we were reading haikus before bed last night. We were reading Guyku: A Year of Haiku for Boys.

And my son said, “What’s a haiku anyway?”

I explained the syllables and then the boys stayed up an hour, writing their own haikus.

Like all good haiku writers, there was a constant theme for my son. Here are two he wrote:

Darlington school’s dumb.
But it is a lot of fun.
PB&J served.

Darlington school’s fun.
My friends are at the see-saw.
Then we go home. Bye!

This is a great example of writing therapy. You learn a lot from a kid by watching what he writes. I learned so much, in fact, that I’m scared that if we did art therapy, he’d draw pictures of me locking him in with a chain so he couldn’t go play with his friends at school.