I write a ton about all the things that surprise me when my kids have unlimited screen time. I’ve been surprised that they learned to type, that they learned to spell, and they learned to make movies.

Today I’m surprised that they learned about politics.

We were driving in the car to the butcher and my husband said to me, “I saw you are promoting the Republicans on your blog. Are you voting for Romney?”


“The post about Rob Portman.”

“I was writing about how the candidates obsessively edit their Wikipedia pages when they think they are in the running for vice president. And I’d never vote for Romney.”

“Oh, I thought because you voted for Walker. . .”

That was different.

Our older son pipes up in the back seat: “Did you vote for Walker because you hate schools?”

Younger son: “Remember, just because you hear the commercial doesn’t mean it’s true.”

Older son: “Mom, are you voting for Romney because he will bring us a better tomorrow?”

Me: “No! I’m not voting for Romney. I like Obama, even though he is having trouble getting stuff done.”

Younger son: “President Obama has doubled our investment in scholarships and financial aid. I bet you like that.”

Me: “Where do you guys hear this stuff?”

Both boys: “YouTube!”

Older son: “You have to listen to stuff about elections before you can see the gaming videos.”

Younger son: “Yeah. Especially for Pokemon.”

Older son: “Can we vote soon?”

Younger son: “You have to be eighteen.”

Older son: “Then I’m voting for Obama.”

Younger son: “You can’t vote for Obama. He can’t keep being President that long.”

My husband: “When you’re eighteen I bet you’ll be able to vote for Obama on Dancing with the Stars.”