A few months back Katherine Williams asked me to send a photo of myself holding a sign that gives advice to parents about homeschooling. What advice would I have wanted to hear as a new homeschooler? She said she was going to make a video, and look, here it is.

The photo up top is from the video, and I can’t actually tell which advice was from this mom, but I’m thinking it was this, which I like a lot: Deschool yourself first.

It’s sort of ironic that someone would ask me for advice for new homeschoolers since I am a relatively new homeschooler (a year and a half). Also, I have to say that the advice I gave is the most uninspired on the video: Don’t rely on schools, rely on yourself.

But of course I’d give that advice. I’m great at work. I’ve started three companies, I’m used to being in charge. So it doesn’t make sense that I would let schools be in charge of my kids. But the other thing is that it doesn’t make sense that I’d want to be home with my kids all day, worrying that they are playing too many  video games and screaming at them to stop fighting.

But you know what? I do love being home with them. And when I watch this video, I can see that the universal advice (except mine) is to relax, trust your kids to learn what they need to learn, and enjoy being with them. It’s such basic, non-controversial advice, and it says something huge about the world that this is the bleeding edge of education reform.