I am a person who prefers to take social and political action by just earning more money and donating it to people who take social and political action more directly. I’m way more comfortable just earning money.

But as a homeschooler, I’m out of my comfort zone as an indirect activist every time I go to the grocery store.

“Hey, your kids don’t have school today?”

“No, we homeschool.”

“Well, don’t they have homeschool today?”

“Yes. This is it. Buying milk.”

The reason I can do this is that it feels like I’m so lucky. I feel like this fox. He is in the National Portrait Gallery in London. He got caught on the surveillance camera. The photos capture the fox totally out of his element, yet somehow, the photos are also gorgeous, like maybe he is okay there anyway, just sort of showing us a new view of foxes and portraits.

Some days I feel like the world is a gallery, and I’m showing the kids how to march through paintings in a different way. Some days I feel like I’m being watched by everyone. Some days I feel like it’s so incredibly clear that school does not teach what kids need to learn that people sending their kids to school are the ones who should wake up nervous and uncomfortable, not me.

But I like that no matter how I see the fox in these pictures, I always think he’s incredible for having found his way, and letting other people see.