This is a guest post from my son. I dictate blog posts in the car, while we drive. And a few days ago, I was talking about how video games help kids succeed at work, and he told me he wanted to dictate a post. I said okay. Here’s what he wrote. 

So I was trying to tell mom that RPG is the most educational type of game. And she told me to write a blog post.

1. You learn a lot of patience because you have to grind things. Grinding means spending a long time doing stuff. For instance, beating enemies for a while in order to get money. You can also grind for experience. You have to beat an enemy to level up. The higher the level you are the harder it is to level up, which means the more experience it takes to level up.

2.  You can play with kids in other teams. The reason you can’t do it alone is because on most games, such as Wizard101, you can see everyone with someone else and there’s no option to play single player. So if someone’s having a tough time in the battle, you go into the battle and help them.

3.  You learn how to handle money by selling and buying items, like armor and weapons. You have to know what’s going to be in your budget to use. You buy the most important thing first. And also sometimes buying things might be required for the story line.

4.  You learn to tell who is honest. You can use chat to talk to other players in multiplayer. Sometimes people will try to trick you in chat, like telling you they can sell you something for a bargain with real life money. But most games tell you how only the official game can sell you stuff with real money. So you figure out how to work together with people and you can actually make friends.

5.  You learn to meet goals. There are goals in the game like beating bosses and finding NPCs (game-generated people who talk to you and help you complete quests by selling you stuff.) After you do all that, you can install things like expansion packs and modules and meet more goals. For instance in World of Warcraft one of the most popular expansion packs is the Wrath of the Lich King which adds new challenges including the Lich King boss battle.

6.  You learn to do tons of research.  Sometimes when you don’t know what to do, you should go on Google or YouTube to find out how.  Mainly I just go on YouTube every time and just try to find things that sound like they would work until I get something to come up. I fast-forward the video to find what I want.