I was with my kids at Build-A-Bear, engulfed by toy-marketing genius, when I misplaced my iPhone and left the store without it.

My mom called to tell me.

I lose my iPhone all the time, and no matter where I lose it, people search the contacts for Mom and call her. Such a wide range of people have done this. People think alike.

But this is a super fun video from kids who found an iPhone. They found the iPhone in a park, and they used the Instagram account on the iPhone to post a video that tells the iPhone owner where to find the phone. The owner followed the instructions in the video, went to the park, and picked up his phone.

What is remarkable is that the kids could have sold the phone, but instead, they used a completely innovative way to get to the owner.

What is also remarkable is that adults could have never taught kids to think like this. Because kids are more innovative than adults, especially in this particular category of community interplay.

We don’t know what kids will do when we leave them alone. We can say with 100% certainty that if kids go to school and do what we tell them, then they will definitely not surprise us with their innovative choices. Because they won’t make any.