You don’t need to worry how your kids use technology because you have no idea what is going to matter when they are older. You have no idea how people will communicate when it comes time for your kids to pay their mortgage and put their kids through college – although you can be pretty sure that they won’t be doing either of those things.

What we know is that the decisions kids make are serving them well. Minecraft is an excellent education tool and the New York Times reports that you probably don’t need to be a nut about limiting the time your kid spends playing Minecraft. And in fact, kids who play video games are happier as adults.

We have seen that Twitter makes kids better writers.  Of course, we can also be pretty sure that Twitter is going to morph into the next big thing, but Stanford has done enough research about what sort of writing people do on the Internet vs the classroom, and the Stanford Writing Study concludes that the Internet does more to make your kid a good writer than any writing kids do for school. The result: Generation Y is the best generation of writers in history.

Get a little humility. You know what is really detrimental to your brain? Porn. And you know who is using the Internet the most for porn? Conservatives watch the most porn, and that demographic skews much older than any kid you are worrying about.

And don’t be so smug about the fact that you don’t personally watch porn. Because you probably use Facebook, which is just as bad for you. Lots of porn ruins your sex life. But lots of time on Facebook ruins your self-esteem because people use Facebook to promote a rosy version of themselves online that you then compare yourself to – or, worse yet, try to one-up with doctored photos of your rained-out vacations.

My point here is the technology adults use is not particularly good for us. And the technology kids use appears to be pretty good for them.

So maybe you should just worry about your own technology use. Your technology-tethered kids are doing better than you realize.