My new company is Quistic. We provide online learning for people who want to have a fun, interesting career without giving up the rest of their personal life.

If you’re looking for the ultimate secret for how to launch a company while you homeschool, here is what I know: I didn’t write on this blog for a week and my sons spent way too much time playing video games in bank lobbies while I dealt with transferring money from investors. And we have an employee in the Ukraine, and you’d probably be shocked to learn how hard it is to pay someone in the Ukraine without having to bribe everyone.

So anyway, the trick to launching a company while you homeschool is to not do anything else. My kids ate pancakes three meals in a row. The first time I was a great homeschooler, having patience to let flour spill on the floor while my son helped. The second time I was on the phone with my co-founder screaming that of course we have to launch with a discount system and I forgot the eggs so I had to dump the batter from the pan back into the bowl and add an egg and probably the pancakes sucked but I wouldn’t know because I spent all of lunch yelling about why giving $45 off is more exciting than giving 23% off. “Percentage discounts will not work. Fix the system! Fuck!”

I was not going to add the fuck. The whole world tells me that when I use swear words on my homeschool blog I lose half my readers. But I think maybe I already lost those readers. And I have to use fuck to show you how difficult the launch was. I did not have good days leading up to the launch or after the launch. I left a violin lesson to talk with the designer. In cello lessons when I was supposed to be taking notes I was making lists to remind myself why I wanted to do another startup.

Are you wondering about the third time in a row my kids ate pancakes? It was for dinner when I noticed that no one ate them for lunch, so I just served them again. My younger son said, “Is your company launched yet so we can have real food again?”

This is my fourth startup, so we’re getting press right away. My favorite article is from Venture Beat, a publication that caters to Silicon Valley startup types. You know how kids ignore you until they can sense when you’re on an important phone call and then they won’t leave you alone? Well, the writer did the whole interview while I was telling my kids to be quiet, and then he wrote about it, here.

Also I wrote an article that’s in MORE Magazine this month. It’s about how I succeeded at work even though I have Aspergers.

I flipped through the magazine to see who else was there and I found a series of gorgeous photos of women who are executives in the perfume industry. They were all beautifully draped in gorgeous, fancy clothes. I looked for tidbits about their kids. Surely some of them are moms – they are all my age. But all I found was a quote from one who said her go-to accessory is a $2000 Louis Vuitton bag that is great for travel and doubles as a diaper bag.

How is it that I feel so incredibly different from them even though I’m in the same magazine as they are, for the same topic: career success?

It’s because I homeschool. It makes having a career completely different. I have had a huge career for the last twenty years, but I am not confident and practiced at having a huge career while tethered to kids 100% of my day. It’s all new to me.