The title of today’s post was a title of one of the sections of Time magazine’s issue about questions. My first thought when I read the article was my mom’s answer when I asked her why she married my dad if she didn’t love him: “When I was in college you had to get married after college,” she said. “As a woman, there was no other way to be part of the adult world. I didn’t want to move back to my parents’ house.”

It took me decades to really understand the social pressure she felt. Because as a kid this explanation sounded ridiculous.

The answers in Time magazine were fun to read.

Jon Acuff, author of the book Do Over, said our kids will be horrified that we had to go into an office to work. “In 20 years we’ll laugh at the idea that work could only be accomplished in a cubicle after a soul-crushing commute and aggressively terrible break-room coffee.”

Penelope Leach, author of Your Baby and Your Child, wrote that kids will be horrified by juice. She says it’s absurd that families are replacing soda with juice because it’s just as bad. She says that right now cutting juice is “the most important single thing you can do to prevent childhood obesity.”

Reading Time magazine I realized that we each have an answer to the question based on our expertise. Because it takes deep knowledge in an area to see where the vast majority are wrong.

My husband, who grew up farming, would say the thing kids will be most horrified with is the way we treat animals today. For example, the way most American farms manage pigs is to crate them and not let them move while they are pregnant and raising piglets. (This practice is already illegal in Europe.) My husband changed to pigs that graze and live in open housing and he can’t believe how much easier it is to raise pigs.

And you can already guess that I’d say the thing kids will be most horrified with is that we send out kids away to school for eight hours a day. I am a firm believer that only poor kids will go to school in the future. And that’s a good thing because school is a social service. This will make perfect sense someday. And people will wonder why it took so long.

So there are four ideas:  cubicles, juice, pigs and school. Can you think of a fifth one?