There are so many comments on this blog about how difficult homeschooling is for a single parent. My first recommendation would be to get enough child support and alimony to make it work. But of course, not every ex-spouse is responsible. So if there is no extra money coming from an extra spouse, what can you do in order to homeschool?

There are at least three options. And let me say right now, I like the third one best. I was a single parent myself, that was my approach.

1. Work from home. This is obvious but difficult solution. If it were so easy to support a family from home and take care of your kid, pretty much every woman do it.

So just know that it’s extremely difficult to make money from home. Ramit Sethi has this crazy-big, successful course about how to make $1,000 a month from home. Notice that it’s only $1000 a month. And notice how much Ramit loves making money. If he thought he could teach you how to make more than that, he’d have a course for it.

Making $1000 from home is feasible. Making more is really really hard. Especially if you need more than that each month. So if this is your plan, you need to have patience with yourself. It takes years to be able to support a family from home. And you need a backup plan for the months when you don’t make enough money: I sold my great-grandma’s jewelry, one string of pearls at a time.

2. Use welfare. I am going to say that this is definitely ethical. I’m going to tell you right now so we are not arguing about it in the comments. The government sets up rules, and we all follow them. If you qualify for welfare you should take the money, just like Warren Buffet qualifies for huge tax breaks so he takes them.

It is not against the law to be on welfare. So take what is rightfully yours. JK Rowling wrote her first Harry Potter book when she was a single mom on welfare. I don’t see anyone having a fit about that. She used welfare like a grant for writing a book. You can use welfare as a grant for homeschooling your kid.

3. Get married. Why don’t single parents get married? I don’t understand. Of course it’s easier to raise kids with a partner. The minute I realized my husband absolutely wanted a divorce, I started looking for a new partner.

I am very goal-oriented. I knew I wanted someone who made enough money to support himself and contribute to a family. He had to be reliable and honest, with no kids of his own. So I only dated men who fit that criteria.  I was too old to have more kids, so any guy who was dating me knew we weren’t having more kids. I focused on finding a partner to combine resources to raise my kids.

You can find your pool of people to choose from by going on a dating site and seeing who is in your area who meets your qualifications. Then you date everyone who is on the list and pick someone. If there are no people who qualify then your list of qualifications is too picky. If you don’t like my advice, then here’s some other dating advice , but notice: you can think of it as a job to get married if you want to get married. That’s what I did. It works.

Why can’t every single parent do that? I don’t understand. There are tons of financially and emotionally stable men who don’t have kids who will get married. Remember: if you are a single parent, realistically, you don’t have time to be in a big romantic fling because you are supporting your kid and you are raising your kid—and that is the same as two full-time jobs. So if you choose a match that is practical with a partner who will help you raise your kid, it’s not like you gave up on some fairy tale romance: you never had a chance at that anyway.

(For all you idealists: don’t even think about marrying someone who does not have middle-class money. Because marriage with two people in poverty is no better than single parenting.)

Let me tell you something about picking someone to be your partner to raise your kids. You will love that person so much because that person loves your kids, and loves you, and makes your life a thousand times easier. That’s what a great marriage is about. So go get that.