We can all agree that Mother’s Day is a manufactured day for people to support the chocolate, flower, and jewelry industries. But we can also agree that a mom ignored on Mother’s Day is not a happy mom.

Each year I insist that my sons do something for me. At first it was so we could be normal. (If you are thinking trying to be normal is a vapid goal, then you are probably falling fairly within the norm.) Then I did it because I wanted to make sure my sons are good to the mother of their children. (I have never met a man who didn’t treat his wife like he treated his mother.)

Now that my kids are older, I see that the most important thing to teach them is that acknowledging me is important. So they’ll do it for me when they are grown up.

So I’ve been thinking all week about what I want. I thought of asking them to do something I like but they won’t, like going to the American Watercolor exhibit at the Philadelphia Art Museum, but they are not in school because I think forced learning is stupid, so forced watercolors seems not right for us. I thought about having them go to a nice jewelry store and pick something out for me, but I don’t want to spend money on jewelry. (And though I don’t want to be overbearing I also hope they do not pick a wife who wants expensive jewelry.)

I thought about other things they could do for me. But we have so much time together at home that they always have time to help me if I ask. They already do all the laundry and they help me run errands all the time. And if I want something done that seems a little far from the we-are-family theme, I pay them. Like, I paid my older son to do due diligence to find out if customers at Apps4rent were happy. (They are.)

Now it’s Saturday and I woke up thinking I have to come up with an idea. The happiness of my future daughter-in-law depends on it, and so does mine right now.

I thought about, how do I wish our days were different? And I thought about how much I enjoy watching Silicon Valley with the kids. At first they refused to watch, and then they loved it. But now that we’ve watched all the episodes, I can’t get them to agree to watch anything new.

So for Mother’s Day I’m asking them to do something they don’t want to try: two episodes of Big Bang Theory. I think they’ll like it. And I want to watch it with them. If you homeschool, and you let your kids pick what they learn, it’s a gift when the kids let you pick what they do just because it would be fun for you to do it with them.