Do you know the broken windows theory? Two social scientists found that if you have a neighborhood with one broken window, the whole neighborhood starts going downhill. You have to take care of little stuff to keep the big stuff on track. 

I have also seen that this applies to my body. If I get a good haircut or if I get Botox then I’m much more likely to eat well and exercise because I think there’s hope. So I was thinking it would apply to this theory to my website as well. I noticed that there are a few technical problems, so I was looking at other sites to see how they handle the problem.

I went to and I got sidetracked by this headline:

11 Podcasts your kids should be listening to

The podcasts in that post are incredibly stupid, which got me thinking, that my kids don’t listen to podcasts. So I did some research.

Kids use YouTube as their search engine and therefore they get all their content from videos, not podcasts. Apple seems thrilled that podcast listeners are mostly adults because (Apple?) paid Nielsen to tell us how much orange juice listeners buy, and how much more cereal a podcast listener will buy after listening to an ad on a podcast.

I’m dissecting the article to tell you how easy it is to get advice that is irrelevant. That article is prominent on the website which means parents love the topic.

It’s so easy to receive advice that doesn’t rock the boat: Parents like podcasts so kids should like podcasts so lists of good podcasts for kids is good. It’s much more difficult to hear kids like youtube and the most popular pundits swear and blow things up on video, and no one who writes parenting advice has any idea what the best YouTubers are for teens.

That’s how it should be. Your kids are really dull if they are doing all the stuff you like to do. So the 11 podcasts your kids should be listening to are none.

But here’s a list you need. I got it from a video I overhead my kids listening to.

5 games to play if you are not a douche:

Dota 2 

League of Legends


World of Warcraft 

Call of Duty 

To say that videos is NSW is an understatement, but parents should know the list, because kids who play those analytic, strategic, team-oriented games do better in college than kids who don’t. This is interesting to me, because until now, the data showed playing video games leads to more success in adult life. But a new study from the University of Zurich shows specifically that homework is such a waste of time, that the kids who are most likely to fall behind are those whose parents put stringent limits on after-school gaming because of homework.

This is why, when our hotel in Princeton didn’t have a good internet connection, and it was too late at night for Panera, I let my son set up his computer in the vestibule of the church at Princeton’s University. But I guess a gamer in a Church is like a broken window in Detroit, because campus police kicked us out pretty fast.