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Get your kids to be their best selves

My husband is experimenting with letting pigs be free range. It's a difficult experiment because he doesn't have a lot of other farms as a model. Most farmers think the pigs need to be confined so they are manageable to

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School squashes cultural diversity

When I moved to the farm with my children, it never occurred to me that I would be raising farm kids. But it happened quickly that my kids did things I would never have dreamed of doing in my own

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The US should get kids out of factories

I have received about ten emails from people who are outraged that the Obama administration is proposing that kids be banned from doing farm work. People who grew up on farms are posting comments all over the Internet about their

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Writing with my sons, before bed

I am tortured by my youngest son's need to be social. We have had a really hard time finding playmates for him. Sometimes I wonder if it's because parents read my blog and are scared to let their kid hang

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Discerning memories from garbage

When I lived in New York City, hoarding was never an issue. I lived in a 500-square-foot apartment with my husband and two kids, and I want to tell you that it was really small, but for an apartment in

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How to adjust to anything

One of the topics I write about most frequently on my other blog is happiness. I am sort an encyclopedia of the research people have done in the past twenty years about what makes us happy. The most surprising thing

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Teaching about birds and bees

We went to visit my brother in New York City when his baby was born. My kids loved holding her. Finally. There's been a lot of lead-up to this. For example, the last time we visited, as we were going

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What I know so far

I've been homeschooling for about two months. I remember when my first son was born, and I thought, after five days, "This is crazy. How could I possibly do this for eighteen years?" Of course it gets easier. And the

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Friday my son went to school

It happened so fast.  I called a consultant to help me teach math, and she was very gung-ho on trying the school. The same day, I met with the school to tell them I’m homeschooling, and I felt scared to

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Starvation for intellectuals

I get a lot of free books in the mail because my not-homeschooling blog is so big. The topic of all the books is "how to have a great career" and I throw almost all of them out. When I

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