This is a guest post from Anna Keller. She just took her son out of school. 

We’ve just pulled our son out of a private, academically rigorous preparatory school. He’ll finish 8th grade in a minimally supervised online program and spend most of his day in a baseball training program for high school-aged athletes. Read more

The hardest part of homeschooling for me was at the beginning, when all I could see in front of me were endless days of kids, no breaks because they won’t be at school, and me slowly turning into a crazy person. Read more

Something that really makes me sick about homeschoolers is that they think their kids are exceptional. I mean, of course your kids are exceptional to you. It’s why you love them so much. But they are not exceptional to us. So all kids are exceptional which makes none, really exceptional. Read more

In a few cases there are men who stay at home and homeschool while their wives go to work. But this is not the norm for many reasons, like boys play war and girls don’t and women want to be with a guy who earns more than she does. But, also, women who believe that families are better when kids are at home are usually also women who want to be the parent at home. Read more

Once or twice a week I send my editor a tirade about how much I hate Sheryl Sandberg’s idea that I should lean in.  I don’t want to lean in and I don’t want to hear her telling me why I made bad decisions and that’s why I’m not running corporate America. I’m not running corporate America because when I was leaning in, I had two full-time nannies for two years and I felt like the shittiest parent in the world. Read more

Each of us brings our own personality to homeschooling, whether we like it or not. There are sixteen personality types, and each one brings special strengths and weaknesses to the table when homeschooling kids. Read more

The Today Show just featured homeschool parents who put six kids in college before the age of twelve. These parents are a terrible representatives of the homeschool movement. They are just as bad as the parents who homeschool so they can intellectually isolate their kids from views that differ from their own.  Read more

Part of my foray into blogging about homeschooling is learning the rules for building traffic on this blog. So I’m playing around with SEO. To be honest, I hate SEO and I think it’s the territory of teenage boys in clothes they never change, charging companies thousands of dollars from their parents’ basement. Read more

Here’s this week’s photo from the GAP. It’s not my favorite. This one is. But now that my son has convinced me that we should go to the GAP each week after cello, I decided that I’ll document the new outfits. Maybe GAP will sponsor the blog or something. I should email them. Read more

I love the Onion so much. A recent article headline is Cool Dad Raising Daughter On Media That Will Put Her Entirely Out Of Touch With Her Generation, and there’s an accompanying photo of a dad fawning over his Talking Heads album.  Read more