When I write about college here it is almost always to say that it’s a waste of time. Though sometimes I am scolding myself for caring about getting my kids into a great college given that I also believe it’s a waste of time.

In any case, though, it’s not all that controversial to say that college is becoming useless. Google college wastes time and money, and you’ll get results from mainstream publications like the Wall St. Journal,  the Economist, and the Atlantic.

But increasingly I’m noticing that girls suffer much more from the time wasted at college than boys do. Read more

This is a guest post from Erin Wetzel. She is a painter and a poet who lives in Tacoma, WA with her husband and daughter. You can connect with her on instagram @ekwetzel.

I am a Gen Y-er. I have a 3-year-old and I plan to homeschool/unschool.

Whenever I discuss homeschooling with my peers, the #1 concern is socialization. Or, at least, that’s what my peers say.
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Imagine a company that cannot fire people for low performance. The company wouldn’t make money, right? And high performers wouldn’t want to work there because they’d have to be with low performers. Read more

One of the myths of public school is that it’s a great melting pot and an expression of American diversity. The truth is that it’s a great way for immigrants to learn how to fit in with other American kids, and we value the feeling of fitting in. And it’s a great way for you to have your kids spend time with your neighbors, and we value having a tightly knit community. But our schools today aren’t helping knit that community. Read more

I remember the day I posted a photo of my son drinking Gatorade. People commented about Red Dye #40. It turns out that it’s banned in much of Europe. The US FDA knows it likely makes kids hyperactive, but has not actually banned it. Read more

I do not come from a sports family, but it’s impossible to live in rural Wisconsin and not be affected by sports teams. So last night we watched Wisconsin play Kentucky in the semi-finals. Read more

During one of my eight-hour trips to and from Chicago for cello lessons it occurred to me that I am part of a larger trend where parents are giving up their family time in exchange for commute time. Read more

We have an ongoing discussion in our family that goes something like this:

“Mom, remember when I was the smartest in the class?” Read more