Sometimes I worry that I’m not teaching my kids enough. Like when they can’t identify Brazil’s flag or when they seem to have bad animal skills, or people skills, or math skills.  Read more

Obama wants all kids to learn to write code
. As if this is the new sure-fire path to the middle class. Or higher! But this sounds suspiciously like the iconic, terrible career advice Dustin Hoffman received in the movie The Graduate: Plastics. Read more

I have been thinking lately that I should make a point of modeling failure to my kids. Because failure is the best thing you can allow to happen to your kids. Read more

This is a guest post from Purva Brown. Her blog is The Classical Unschooler.

I don’t homeschool because I did badly in school; I homeschool because I was a good, no, a great student. If you ask my teachers if they remember me, I would bet a body part that twenty-two years later, they still do.
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Sometimes people make recommendations to me for things my kids might like to do. The people will tell me their kids like it. Or they’ll tell me it’s really popular online. Or they’ll say they loved it when they were kids. Read more

When my sons tell people we homeschool, invariably someone asks, “Oh, how do you learn math?”

The last time an adult asked this question, my son said, “I can just google it. Look. ‘Siri what’s seven times eight?'” Read more

This is a guest post by Lehla Eldridge. Her blog is Unschooling the Kids. Lehla’s family lives in Italy.

“Just let me live my life” were the words that came out of my sons mouth yesterday as I tried to teach him about following a recipe. He was wanting to make biscuits, I was wanting him to follow a recipe. We hit a stalemate. Read more

My son’s bar mitzvah became an accidental homeschool showcase. We had a hard time getting a Hebrew tutor to come to our house, so I started teaching Hebrew myself. Read more

I wasn’t planning on teaching writing to my kids. I taught undergraduate writing at Boston University, and the experience convinced me that you can’t teach people to be good writers. People who love to write, write a lot and almost always improve. People who don’t write a lot never improve. Read more