I’m reading an article called Do You Suffer from Decision Fatigue?  The article is fascinating not only because it gives me a name for how I’m feeling, but also because of the examples: Poor people make worse decisions not because they are dumber or less educated but because poverty forces people to make more decisions all day (diapers or formula? I can’t afford both). A rich person has not had to make money decisions all day, so he has the mental energy to make a good decision when it comes to strawberries vs. M&M’s.

So, I think I’ve figured out that the reason I can’t ever make a decision about my web site is that I have too many decisions to make. And I get exhausted. And right now, I can’t figure out if I should put guest posts in my feed or not in my feed. So the guest post is not in my feed. This neurotic post is. The guest post is about why black kids should be homeschooled.

And this post is about why you should structure your kids days for homeschool or else they will end up like me: Writing short essays about decision fatigue.