Much of the disappointment in adult life comes from not understanding the inherent limitations of our Myers Briggs score.

An ENFJ woman will never be okay with her work/life balance. And ISFJ man needs to marry a breadwinner. These are not things our parents warn us about.  So by the time adult life comes, 98% of the workforce has to realize that only ENTJs run companies and they’re not an ENTJ.

I used to be smug about this. Because I’m an ENTJ. There’s no woman with more power than a 28-year-old ENTJ. She rules the world because she is 28 and hot and looks like she is great marriage material and she is hugely successful at work.

Now that I have kids, I’m secure in my ability to earn money. But I read about how ENTJs are as parents and, honestly, a good summary of the discussion is “dictator.”  In business ENTJs love leading huge teams. In parenting ENTJs love ordering room service.

I want to be an INFJ instead. They are great parents. They are good teachers and psychologists. If they can care enough about money to earn any.

But here’s the good news: I might be unfeeling as an ENTJ, but I’m great at scheduling my children’s lives on a daily basis to meet big-picture goals.

If only they needed that instead of love.