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March, 2015

3 Things middle schoolers need to learn

Educate for insurgency

February, 2015

What counts as good writing?

How to cut corners when you're homeschooling

Missing school doesn't matter

January, 2015

How to improve your child's vocabulary

List of things you have to teach at home

December, 2014

School isolates kids from knowledge of power structures

What's the best way to teach art history?

October, 2014

Here's curriculum to teach kids to pick a spouse

September, 2014

You probably won't use a language you study. But so what?

Definition of unschooling: Teaching kids to intentionally find a passion

The most important reading skill no one is teaching

August, 2014

The real truth about instilling love of learning

When is it time to get a tutor?

June, 2014

If you’re looking for curriculum, try resilience

May, 2014

How to instill a love for [insert your topic here]

February, 2014

When is it too late to change my mind?

Why I love Suzuki method for music education

January, 2014

What should kids memorize?

November, 2013

Good teaching is telling stories

August, 2013

Homeschool is a how-to-live decision not a how-to-learn decision

How to start homeschooling: See things differently

July, 2013

This is what unschooling is

March, 2013

Forget about getting your kids to read classics

What test scores really measure

Picking curriculum to fit your family

What if your kid loves worksheets?

February, 2013

Trust your kid's curiosity regardless of their age

January, 2013

Curriculum by subject makes kids unemployable

December, 2012

You don't need to teach handwriting

Well-roundedness is for the poorly educated

November, 2012

How to drop out of high school

The best day I had at school

October, 2012

Forced curricula undermines learning. (And you don't need to teach your kids chemistry.)

5 Reasons homework makes kids stupid

September, 2012

How to do project-based learning

Elite schools shifting to a homeschool model

Find out your kid's reading level

August, 2012

The most important things to teach are never in curriculum

5 reasons why you don't need to teach math

Teach your kids to write the perfect paragraph

June, 2012

Kids suffer long-term from schoolwork that doesn't interest them

May, 2012

Homeschoolers don't need a science curriculum

What happened when I let my son quit violin

April, 2012

Homeschool parents don't need to be teachers

You don't need to teach reading

Why curriculum doesn't work

"It's educational" means "it sucks"

March, 2012

Reminder to myself: Homework is useless

School reform talk is escapism

February, 2012

How to teach writing: ignore grammar

December, 2011

Curriculum discussion is vapid

November, 2011

Bach as a education metaphor

October, 2011

How I learned algebra

Things I'm not teaching

September, 2011

Kids homeschool themselves

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