Best AP US History videos

When my older son was studying for AP US History (APUSH is what kids call it in memes) my younger son would learn with us if the material was interesting. So each day we watched a YouTube video and I spent way, way too much time trying to find good videos about topics on the test.

When I heard my nephew Simon is taking AP US as well I started saving the links my kids really liked. I meant to publish this list for Simon’s birthday. I almost forgot. It was last week.

Happy birthday, Simon! Good luck with AP US History!

And pro-tip from Aunt P: Start with the video about the War of 1812. That’s a good one!

Period 1 1491—1607


Period 2 1607—1754

Life on a slave ship

Salem Witch Trials

Period 3 1754—1800

Acadians today

Sally Hemmings

Samuel Adams

Benedict Arnold

Period 4 1800—1848

Andrew Jackson

The Louisiana Purchase

The War of 1812

Harriet Tubman

Period 5 1844—1877

The Compromise of 1850

Period 6 1865—1898

The Jim Crow Museum

Orphan trains

Coal mining child labor

Madam C.J. Walker

Standardized time

Period 7 1890—1945

The war against the Philippines

Lewis Hines


The Cross of Gold Speech by William Jennings Bryant

The Silver Crisis

Horrors on the set of The Wizard of Oz

When the Catholic Church ruled Hollywood

Early movies

Teddy Roosevelt and conservationism

The Great Migration paintings by Jacob Lawrence

The Dust Bowl

Period 8 1945—1980


Inflatable tanks in WWII

Bugs Bunny and Hitler

Political propaganda to support farm aid

Cold War and the 1950s

How to protect yourself in a nuclear war

The Bay of Pigs

Elvis Presley

Second-wave feminism, The Feminine Mystique

Rules for dating in the 50s

How kids ate in the 50s

The 1960s and 1970s

Frustration with the culture of conformity

The Mai Lai Massacre

Vietnam POWs

Literature from Vietnam, The Things They Carried

US vs. Cuba

TV commercials

Housewives taking pills to get through the day

The hippie lifestyle

Period 9 1980—Present

The War on Drugs in 1987

The War on Drugs in 2017

Architecture of the 80s

Clinton denying sexual relations

Contemporary political theory, John Rawls


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  1. Mark W.
    Mark W. says:

    Today is the 250th anniversary of the Boston Massacre. A good video published today on YouTube by LionHeart FilmWorks titled ‘The 1770 Boston Massacre & Aftermath – 250th Anniversary – from “Legends & Lies: The Patriots” ‘ is at .
    Also, I have a recommendation for a very good blog on U.S. history. It’s researched and written by Tara Ross who is an author, speaker, and retired lawyer. The link is where can be found posts on The Federalists Papers, American Flag and Americana, Electoral College, George Washington, and the Medal of Honor.

  2. sunil joshi
    sunil joshi says:

    History makes every day special, so we always consider history to be special, and as you have written, there are some videos available about history, I have also seen them. I too am interested in history just like you and I try to live with this today by making a special pan of every day of history. Therefore, children should be interested in history. And if you get this education at home, then it can be a great effort, which you are doing.

  3. Craig Aten
    Craig Aten says:

    Great selection, thanks. I love history and everything connected with it. Recently I was preparing a written work about Teddy Roosevelt and nature conservation. I used the service that I found on this resource Thanks to this, I learned many historical facts previously unknown to me and became even more interested in the period of 1945.

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