At some point, maybe when I decided to let the kids spend their school days playing air hockey, I started to panic that my blog is mislabeled as homeschooling – it should be unschooling.

Finally I emailed my editor to ask if I should change it. He is used to these sort of crises. For example, I have another on-going crisis about what to do about how my bigger blog, or career blog or whatever it is,  has headlines without capital letters and my homeschool, or maybe unschool, blog uses conventional capital letters in the headlines.

We settled on the homeschool term because it’s much better SEO than unschool. And also I thought I’d attract more interest from corporate types. But I’m seeing that that doesn’t really matter. Because I’m lucky enough to have Federated Media selling ads on my blog whether it’s unschooling or homeschooling (I cannot stress enough how much they do not care about this debate) and the corporate types I have attracted have mostly been trouble.

So I am left wondering if I should change to unschooling. And I was going to bother my editor on the weekend, even though he has three kids that he and his wife (well, let’s be honest, mostly his wife) homeschool and he does not have time for me. So I was going to bug him again, but I had a revelation: There is no homeschooling vs unschooling. All homeschooling is unschooling. If you replicate school at home then you are not doing anything. You are depriving your kids of being in a system that has mastered the art of teaching to the test. If you teach to the test at home, you are not homeschooling.

I am declaring this. Homeschooing is unschooling. It’s saying you want to do what is done better at home. And that is NOT teaching to the test. I am not sure what it is, but it is unschooling because it is not schooling.

So I am not worrying anymore that I am unschooling and my blog is called homeschooling. I think the unschoolers will win, and they will co-opt the term, and the unschoolers will get that awesome SEO after all.