Tyler Cowen linked to my blog last week. It was very exciting because not only does he have a great blog, but he’s an economics professor at George Mason University, so I got a bunch of emails from economists about homeschooling. Like, Greg Rehmke, who teaches a course about the economics of space exploration for homeschoolers.

Another thing that comes from being noticed by other bloggers is that I get asked to fill out questionnaires about homeschooling. It’s sort of insane, since I’ve only been homeschooling for two months. But whatever. I am used to acting like I’m an expert in everything. So when I got asked what reading has most helped me with homeschooling, I listed career blogs, because I’m absolutely dying over how to do my job while I’m home with two kids all day (supposedly) managing their education.

Lisa Nielsen, my homeschool mentor from heaven, read my answers and said, “Have you read  Sandra Dodd’s Big Book of Unschooling? You will like it.”

I wanted to tell her to shut up. Don’t give me more reading. I am very scared to read any books. I’m scared of information. I’m so overwhelmed that I feel like if there is anything else I need to think about, I’m gonna die. I want to at least be able to stick with the plan I have for one week. Which I have not been able to do, by the way. My ideas about not-school keep changing.

But Lisa helps me so much – like when I call from Central Park to say my six-year-old would make more friends in school. She tells me how to look at him and see a vibrant, independent learner instead of a sad and lonely boy. So I feel like I have to do what she recommends in order to be a good mentee of hers.

There is another part of the questionnaire: What groups have been most helpful to you? And I have to say, it is this group. This blog. The community of people reading this blog have been absolutely incredible at giving me the information I am looking for, and having vibrant, conflicted discussion about the topics I am most worried about on any given day.

Thank you.

And now, I’m off to read the Big Book of Unschooling.