I’m looking for some way to decide if I should make my son go into Madison tomorrow for gymnastics. And swimming. He loves both of them, but he hates to leave the house.

I can understand: I hate to leave the house, too.  I think most people who have Asperger’s hate to leave their house. Well, we hate to do anything because decisions about transitions are so hard. So right now, I am engrossed in writing and my son is engrossed in his Bionicles and we’re really happy. Mostly because we know no one will bother us. We can do this all day, until dinner.

But I think I need to teach him to do transitions. I think I need to show him that if he does stuff outside the house he’ll like it.

The thing is that I know this and honestly, if I didn’t have kids and I didn’t need to earn money, I’d never leave the farm.

And it’s appealing to me when commenters like Monique say that doing nothing is important in homeschooling. I want to do nothing. I can’t quite do it. I fantasize about it. But I get scared that my son doesn’t have occupational therapy or physical therapy—both of which he was getting in school. I think maybe I can make up for it in Madison.

My husband thinks this is crazy and the kids get plenty of that stuff when the goats watch them climb trees in the forest.

My husband never leaves the farm. Well, he does, when I guilt him into it. But he hates leaving.

And Madison, home to gymnastics and swimming, is three-hour round-trip. That’s a lot.

Here’s the list of things I’m trying to teach:


Body awareness

Making transitions

Keeping commitments

Honoring one’s own needs

It’s too much. I’m driving myself crazy.

But kids who make their beds each day are happier people. This is because people with self-discipline are happier, and making one’s bed is an act of self-discipline. I can’t decide: Is going to Madison on a day we are scheduled to go an act of self-discipline? I think it is. So I guess we are going.

But I wonder, can we leave our beds unmade that day?