I am receiving lots of emails about summer vacation and homeschooling. For example, the New Yorker cartoon (above) reflects how far behind school is in terms of teaching communication.

But the emails that are really nagging at me right now are the people telling me that I should write about how kids who go to school are homeschooled in the summer.

I think this is complete BS, and it stems from parents who know they should be homeschooling because it’s consistent with their values but for some reason (probably money and/or addiction to state-funded babysitting) they do not homeschool.

So look, homeschooling is about trusting a kid’s curiosity. So if you send the kid to school all winter and then to camp all summer, your kid is surrounded by structure and adult control over how the kid spends their time.

All kids are gifted. There is a great conversation about this topic in the comments section of my last post. I truly believe this. There are 16 Myers Briggs personality types. Each person has a personality type that makes the person exceptional in one area. Every person is capable of making a significant contribution to society in one area just from his or her personality type.

Unfortunately, school and camp only rewards a narrow type of person—the rule followers. The people who think in very black and white terms (like, is this the right way to do it?). If you put a large group of kids together who are controlled by a single adult, then kids cannot figure out for themselves what they should be doing.

This is why the parent-child ratio is ideal. The parent doesn’t need to teach. The parent needs to make sure the kid eats and sleeps and doesn’t get lice. It’s easy to do that with just a few kids. And the kids can figure out where their passions lie.

If you cannot do this during the winter then surely you cannot do this during the summer. And if you can do this during the summer, and it’s working, then why on earth would you put your kid back in school?

So don’t tell me you do school in the winter and homeschool in the summer.