Voting Booth

The kids were really excited to go with us to vote today because they have watched approximately 40 campaign ads each day for months. If you live in a swing state, all YouTube ads are campaign ads.

So the kids are conversant on a wide range of political topics. For example, “Mom, do we have gay friends?”

Me: “What?”

“Barack Obama says we need to vote because our gay friends can’t get married or serve in the military.”

Here’s another one: “Mom, if Mitt Romney gets elected, women will lost the right to vote.”

Me: “Why do you think that?”

“Because he doesn’t support a woman’s right to choose.”

It’s not just that they are conversant on the topics. My older son has a photographic memory which he chooses to use in consistently useless situations. So I was not surprised to discover that he memorized every single political commercial.

In the last week, Romney launched a video campaign featuring immigrants from all over the world who have escaped socialism. So my son can do impeccable impressions of a Cuban accent, a Ukrainian accent, and a Chinese accent.

We took the kids to vote at 7 am – everyone was very chatty. The man standing ahead of us said to my son, “Are you coming here before school?”

My son said, “We homeschool.”

The man said, “What time does homeschool start?”

My son said, “Right now! We’re voting.”

It’s stunning to hear phrases like taxpayer dollars and climate change impact from a seven year old. It might be better if every kid had unlimited YouTube time instead of school so that when they grow up, they would have the knowledge and self-assurance to avoid being undecided in a swing state on election day.