The media is constantly reporting that it’s harder for girls to get into college than boys. Because girls do better in high school, and more girls apply to college. So, even though 60% of the bachelor’s degrees are awarded to women, it’s still harder for girls to get into college.

Now research shows us that the gender discrepancy starts early because little girls learn by being focused and engaging with the teacher and little boys learn by running around and fighting. No kidding. You could have looked at the sales figures for Toys R Us instead of funding research on this topic. (As an interesting aside, though, boys who have more girl-like behaviors do better in school, which means that probably if schools stopped discriminating against gay boys they would rival adopted Chinese girls in their ability to crush their grammar-school competition.)

The big deal about all this research, though, is that it doesn’t matter. Because boys suck at school, and then they go to college and play video games and pick-up basketball and beer pong for four years and they leave their GPA off their resume and they race up the corporate ladder.

Because the corporate world favors compartmentalized thinking (as in “my kids are not in front of me so they do not exist”) and men have it and women don’t so kids mess up women’s careers. Women out earn men until there are kids. Then, for the rest of their adult life, men out earn women.

So there is no long-term impact from boys not doing well at school. But there is long-term impact from boys being forced to learn like girls during the first half of their academic careers. What is the point?

Why put boys in school when we all know it’s set up for girls? Also, boys don’t do well and it doesn’t matter, so it’s not like homeschooling is going to ruin the boys’ future in the workforce. So how could homeschooling be more inappropriate for your son than traditional school is?

We can argue forever that society is making a place that is inhospitable to boys. But nothing is going to change during the time your boys and my boys are school aged. So I took my boys out of school – they turn cartwheels during school hours. And you should do the same for your sons, too.