Every parent will be more successful if they understand their chid’s Myers Briggs score. It’s unbelievable to me that this information is not more widely distributed to parents because it’s so incredibly helpful in terms of becoming a good guide for your child.

1. All of corporate America trusts Myers Briggs.
Myers Briggs is a personality type indicator that nearly all college career centers and Fortune 500 companies use to help people find their best path through life. The test is a very reliable way to predict what will make someone feel fulfilled and how they approach things like interpersonal relationships, big ideas, and routine. It’s all right there, in their Myers Briggs score. Because that stuff is how you’re born; it doesn’t change after age 20, and it is pretty well evident as early as age five or six.

2. Schools don’t want you to know how effective the test is.
So Myers Briggs is an incredibly effective tool to help people create a good life for themselves, but we don’t use it on kids. Why not? Here’s why. Because school caters to kids who score an ISTJ on the test. This is about 10% of all kids. This means that 90% of kids are not doing what is best for them by learning in school. But what would be the point of making this information widely known when there is nothing schools can do about it?

To tell you how extreme this problem is, I just read research (unpublished and they don’t want me to quote them) from a team at a university that discovered that school caters so firmly to ISTJs, that by the time kids get to college, the polar opposite of ISTJs, which are ENFPs, are so run down by the process of school and so high risk for not finishing college that they should have a mentor assigned to them to help them cope with college.

What about all the ENFPs that are in school right now? Ten percent of you have kids who are ENFPs. It’s absolutely absurd to keep them in school because they are widely talented, especially kind and energetic kids who are getting crushed the hardest in school.

3. Myers Briggs testing makes for more confident parenting (and homeschooling)
My youngest son, pictured above, is an ESFP –similar to an ENFP with some differences. For example, typically ESFPs are obsessed with clothes and appearances and they are often stylists and designers. He has said to me, “Mom, you can’t wear that shirt. It’s just for the farm.” I would have been more snippy had I not known that since I’m an ENTJ, I don’t care about clothes, and he’s born caring way more about appearances than I am.

Homeschooling parents who are customizing school for kids would be crazy to not get their kid’s Myers Briggs score. It helps immeasurably as you steer your child through learning. You will know if you kid learns better in groups or alone. You’ll know if your kid learns with their hands or their eyes. If your kid prefers people or ideas. The world divides among these people. Everyone tends toward one side or the other.

Understanding Myers Briggs testing has made me so much more confident in my ability to choose what’s right for my kids. Even if I don’t make all the right decisions, I know way more about their learning style because I know their test results.

4. Myers Briggs helps parents understand themselves better in order to parent better. 
Adults function better if they know this about themselves — which is why so many institutions use the Myers Briggs test. And adults help kids more effectively if they know this about the kids.

Understanding personality profiles in Myers Briggs helps you understand how your personality and your kid’s personality work together. It teaches you to teach your kids better, guide them better, and stop clashing with them.

5. Customized learning requires knowing how the student learns. Myers Briggs tells us. 
School culture discourages you from understanding your child fully, because that would beg the question of why we do not have customized education. School doesn’t put your child’s fulfillment at the top of their to do list, so there’s no point in using Myers Briggs. But you spend your days wondering what, exactly, will make your child feel fulfilled — as a youngster and as an adult – and Myers Briggs has those answers.

So, guess what? I’m offering a four-day seminar on Myers Briggs that will show you your own Myers Briggs score and how to figure out what your children’s scores are. The cost is $195.

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