One great thing about this homeschool blog is that I get emails full of links that people think I should write about. Many of those links are examples of schools overstepping their bounds.

The links are actually amazing to me. Some schools are strip-searching students in the name of safety for all. Some schools are vaccinating without parental consent. Some schools are telling kids they can’t eat the lunches their parents sent to school.

It’s easy to tell yourself that this stuff is crazy and it wouldn’t happen in my school. But there are many things that are small and they begin to encroach in a more dangerous way, little by little until you are so acclimated to the school overreaching that it doesn’t even feel like overreaching.

A friend of my son’s came over – we picked him up at school and brought him to our house. I said, “Do you have your boots?”

He said, “My teacher told me to leave them at school.”

This was amazing to me. He had no boots to play in the snow. Luckily, I keep extra boots in the house. But I have been thinking about the situation ever since: It means the teachers don’t trust the parents to be able to send the kids’ boots back to school the next day. Or, worse, the teacher decided for the parents that this would be easier and therefore preferable.

No one will challenge or complain at all about this moment. It’s small, and for a parent to bring it up with the teacher, it’s petty. That’s why it’s more dangerous than vaccinating without permission. These are the small, silent moments that add up to a society that takes authority for raising kids away from the parents and gives it to the school.