As a society, how can we justify using our kids as educational guinea pigs for the next generation when there is no evidence that this experiment is even worthwhile? We just forced a whole generation of kids to squander their schools days to No Child Left Behind requirements. The experiment has been derided as largely a failure, yet we are still game to put another generation of kids through another educational experiment.. When will the cult of educational experimentation end, when will parents take their kids back home to learn on their own?

This seems like a good time to tell you that my friend worked in a top lab at Columbia University. It was found that the experiments the lab was performing on rats was a doomed-t0-fail experiment that would not yeild useful results. So the experiment was deemed inhumane and it was shut down. For rats. Yet we do this with the lives of children and we think it’s fine.

If we want an experiment that might work better for some, then we have to make the basic requirements (the Common Core) reflect the needs of employers instead of the needs of higher eduction. Because certainly parents want their kids to have good jobs more than they want their kids to go to college. Parents are just thinking  – mistakenly – that one leads to the other.

You know what the problem is with aligning the Common Core with employer needs? It wouldn’t look anything like what we’re used to. We’d have to teach kids to deal with questions that don’t have black and white answers. Becuase that’s what employers want. We’d have to stop force feeding kids information because employers want people who can learn in a self-directed way. Which means, of course, that the Common Core would have to be delivered in a way that is not school. Because employers are coming right out and saying that the school environment is too artificial to be useful to employers.

School should prepare kids for adult life. We don’t need to teach kids to learn. It’s so insulting to them. What would they do if they were not learning? Stare at the wall? Have you ever seen a little kid with the option to do anything and he chooses to stare at a wall? And, if you did, wouldn’t you take him to a doctor?

Yet we have buildings full of kids staring at walls for hours at a time, and we call that school.