When it comes to celebrating Independence Day, all I think of is how the rich colonists funded the war to stop paying taxes to England and then founded a national government so they could tax the poor people to pay back the money the rich people paid to fund the revolution.

This country was founded by people trying to milk the system and I’m afraid it’s still governed by a lot of people still doing that.

But, also I want to say that I’m incredibly grateful to live in a state that leaves me alone as a homeschooler. I fill out a single form to say I’m not sending my kids to school, and that’s it. No one makes us take tests or prove that we are learning something related to school. Nothing. I like that. I’m no good at paperwork, I’m not good at following rules, so I like that the state of Wisconsin has one form and no rules for homeschoolers.

I’m not saying my state is perfect. It’s too bad that Wisconsin rulemakers spend all their time trying to make rules to make abortions impossible. But I am saying that I appreciate that I get the benefits of governemnet and I still get to raise my kids the way I want to raise them.

This is not just a post about the Fourth of July, though. It’s a post about how much I like posting. I am so happy to be homeschooling. So grateful to have accidentally discovered this life. It’s completely unexpected and a complete joy and at this point, I can’t imagine sending my kids away all day. Even days when I’m on the phone all day working, I’m happy that I’m working with them next to me. I’d rather have them screaming at me to get off the phone than me screaming at them to do their stupid homework.

So I’m posting because each post is, in a way, a celebration. And a chance to make a record of that with a photo. Or two.