I’ve structured my kids lives to find the very best teachers for them and I have so much respect for the adults in my kids’ lives who know exactly what to do to help them grow into their best selves.

The photo up top is a day my husband and I went to watch the progress of my son with his gymnastics teacher, Jo. My son has coordination problems, and Jo has worked with him for three years helping him make remarkable improvements that he’s very proud of.

So, okay. There are great teachers in this world. But so many teachers are part of a terrible system, implementing absurd programs, making outrageous requests of kids. At some point, it’s not enough to say “I was following orders.”

The operations assistant for Bernie Madoff’s ponzi scheme probably will not be off the hook for saying she was just doing what she was told.

We have prosecuted tons of war criminals who didn’t do harm directly but were knowingly part of a system that was bad.

And the US legal system holds someone who has an IQ of 75 accountable for their actions.

So when teachers are clearly doing something completely moronic, why do we blame the system?

What about blaming the teachers for participating?

Anyone who is bright enough to get a teaching job is bright enough to support themselves doing some other job as well. At some point the teacher has an ethical responsibility to himself to say, “I am part of something I don’t believe in. I have to leave.”

At some point a teacher has to have the self-respect to say they don’t like being treated like a monkey, and they have to leave.

This video of Chicago public school teacher training is appalling on a lot of levels. It takes only a minute to watch. You should watch it.

The point of the training is to tell teachers how to teach the common core. The method of training is completely insulting, degrading, and I am stunned that the teachers participated as long as they did.

My first inclination is to declare public schools completely dead, useless, etc. But then I realized that it’s time to hold the teachers accountable. There would be less inanity in our schools if teachers started to have some self-respect and refuse training like this.

Teachers need to say enough is enough. Teachers should go do something else where they are contributing to society, and themselves, in a more meaningful way. At this point, after watching the video, I blame the teachers.

You know your friend who always complains about her boyfriend but never dumps him? At some point you blame the friend. At some point you assume there’s something messed up with the friend that she stays with a guy who is awful. That’s what I think after watching this video. There is something wrong with the Chicago public school teachers that they are putting up with this instead of quitting.