Digging up dinosaurs is not my first choice of what to do in my life. What I’d choose would look a lot less picturesque: locked in a room with wine and bagels and my computer churning out blog posts that my editor says are perfect and pure genius. But we’re not doing that. We’re in the badlands.

The dinosaur guide tells us tidbits like the teams from Harvard and Yale are digging in soil that gets used for cat litter. But they can’t dig today because it rained and all the material expanded. The parents don’t hear anything about the cat litter. The parents stop listening at “Harvard and Yale” and ask, “What’s your background?” Which really means, “Please, how can I get my kid into Harvard or Yale? I’m going to die if I have to go on dinosaur digs and my kid doesn’t get in.”

I’m spending most of my time thinking about how I can get good pictures for my blog – and whether I should include the pictures of any of the kids. I think probably not, because every single kid on the expedition had Asperger’s.

A digression in conversation: “Did you notice that kid has Asperger’s?”

“Yes, but I don’t think his mother knows.”

“Of course his mother doesn’t know. If she did, she would try to make him stop talking.”

So I’m not including pictures of the other kids so I am safe to dis them and their parents. But I’m excited that my son sees the situation so clearly.

I’m also excited about how I’m going to have great juicy blog posts with beautiful pictures, and then I get thankful that my kids have such interesting passions.  What could be better than cello and paleontology?

But then I realized every single passion is interesting because people who are engaged and driven and looking deeply into anything are interesting. There’s a blog about low-budget renovating – Manhattan Nest – that’s interesting because he’s a fanatic. He never stops. Another one of my favorite sites to go on is Brand Bucket because the founder is a complete nut about finding a new logo and brand name in every letter combination she can find.

Anyway, it doesn’t matter if I’ve got great pictures of my kid’s passions, because passion and engagement are delightful to watch and enticing to read about. The opposite is just deadness. Like when people who walk around in the world, doing a little of everything and not going deep on anything. That looks like you’re covered in a veneer. Nothing really shines through – you seem dead on the surface.

So many times people ask me how they can get more traffic to their blog or what they can do to differentiate themselves or how can they be more attractive to the opposite sex. The answer to all of those questions is the same: be more engaged. Care more, and more openly, about what you love.