It’s a Monday night and my younger son wants to go to a movie. We decide on the 7:30pm show of The Lego Movie. He says, “Buy tickets online so we know it won’t sell out.”

I say, “It’s a school night. Kids don’t see movies on school nights.”

We walk into the theater and we are the only people there. We put on the 3-D glasses, lift up the arm rest between our seats and snuggle in next to each other for the previews.

I want to remember this moment. We are so lucky to be with each other, not worrying about anything, having fun together.

He laughs. I laugh. We laugh at different times throughout the movie, because that’s how good the movie is, like two movies in one. I want to take a photo for my blog. My blog is my record of what being a mom is like to me. But it’s too dark.

Then the credits roll. With no one else to see, my son gets up to dance. Now is my chance. I want these pictures. This is what homeschooling is like: