I am in Minnesota this week. We are supposedly here for the national Suzuki conference. My son had to audition. He had to learn a ton of music that I screamed at him to practice. And now, after all that, he is sick in bed with a fever. Read more

The reason I write so much about entrepreneurship for kids is that I do career coaching for adults, and most of them wish they could start their own business. Or freelance. Or be more creative in their work. And the problem for most of the people I coach is that they never learned these skills.

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For a while I thought it was okay for my son to be in school because he was two grades ahead when he entered first grade and really, he just wanted to be in school because he loves other kids. I ignored so much so I wouldn’t have to face the terrifying thought of homeschooling. But I see now that when a kid is smart and rich –that’s the time it’s most important to take them out of school. Here’s why: Read more

My younger son wants to go to school. I won’t let him.

It’s clear to me that he has no ability to understand why school is crushingly terrible. I mean, most adults can’t even see it. Read more

CNN takes a breather from world events this week to cover the upper middle class education topic of school sabbaticals. The article contains interviews with multiple parents who took their kids out of school for a short time. To Tahiti. To Iceland. To downtown Chicago. It can be wherever. But whatever it is, this is not homeschooling. This is something else.

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When I was in college I had a hard time focusing on prescribed topics. I couldn’t handle the feminist reading of The Republic. Seriously, I could barely even understand the Cliffs Notes reading of The Republic. Read more

The most time-consuming part of homeschooling for me isn’t teaching the kids. If they have what they need, they teach themselves. It’s figuring out a strategy. For example, if my kid loves hip hop and he says he needs someone to teach him to do the flips, who do I find? What do I tell them? How do I help my son prioritize this given that best dance class for him is the same time as the best flip class for him? Read more

It’s clear that school is negatively impacting families. Parents protest loudly about the inadequacies of school. The picture up top makes me laugh, and so does this crazy homework assignment a Texas teacher handed out to fourth graders.  Read more